How to buy NVIDIA shares?

NVIDIA is market leader in the development and production of graphics cards used for gaming. The company is also a world leader in artificial intelligence, electronics for self-propelled cars and software and hardware for data centres. This position makes it interesting to invest in Nvidia. But what is the most advantageous place to buy NVIDIA shares? And what is the current stock price of NVIDIA shares?

Where can you buy NVIDIA stocks?

Do you want to buy NVIDIA shares? You can directly trade in NVIDIA stocks with one of these reliable brokers:

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How can you actively invest in NVIDIA?

When you start actively investing in Nvidia, you can respond well to the latest price developments. For example, Nvidia is working on technology for Volvo’s self-propelled cars. When this works out well, it can give the stock price a considerable boost. By actively buying and selling shares, you can respond well to these kinds of developments. But what is the best way to actively trade stocks?

This is best done at a company like Plus500. Plus500 is a so called CFD-broker. A CFD broker is a party that allows you to place orders on both rising and falling prices, so you can make the right decision at any time. Would you like to try out the possibilities of trading completely free of charge and without risk with a demo? Then use the button below and trade directly in CFD NVIDIA stocks:

86% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

What is NVIDIA’s current stock price?

NVIDIA’s share price is constantly changing. In the graph below you can see directly how the CFD price of NVIDIA shares is developing. With the buttons, you can immediately open a position on the stock.

How to buy NVIDIA stocks?

Buying NVIDIA shares can certainly be attractive: technology is still growing and the demand for high quality technological products is still increasing. More and more people are asking themselves how they can invest in NVIDIA shares. In this part of the article we look at how new investors can buy NVIDIA shares.

Before you can buy stocks, you need to have an account with an online broker. A broker is a party that makes it possible to buy & sell various stocks. It is always advisable to select an advantageous broker. In this way you avoid losing a lot of money by paying high transaction costs. Use the button below to immediately compare the best brokers for investments in shares:

After you have opened an account with a broker, you can buy and sell shares. However, it is advisable to first thoroughly investigate what the company you want to invest in is doing. When a company launches a lot of interesting new products, it can be smart to buy shares. However, first compare a company like NVIDIA with the competition to determine whether there are no better investments available.

If you then want to buy the stock, simply use the search box on the NVIDIA Corporation share. Then press the buy button and enter the amount for which you want to buy NVIDIA stocks. If you use a market order, the share will be bought immediately at the current price. Do you have a certain price in mind at which you want to buy NVIDIA shares? Then it is best to use a limit order.

About the company NVIDIA

The American technology company NVIDIA is a producer of computer hardware. The company, founded in 1993, manufactures, among other things, chipsets for graphics cards and motherboards. The NVIDIA video cards can be found in many laptops. The NVIDIA graphics chips are also used by major brands: for example, they can be found in the Xbox and the PlayStation. In addition, the company is a supplier to many large companies.


Pioneer in complex computing

NVIDIA is a pioneer in diverse and complex computer use. The company is well known to scientists, designers, artists and gamers. NVIDIA developed a special technology, the GPU accelerated computing. With this computer brain, better 3D graphics are possible.

NVIDIA and the gaming world

NVIDIA knows how to keep up with the rapid developments in the growing gaming world. By entering into a partnership with Adobe, new services for creativity and digital experience can be delivered. NVIDIA’s Drive Constellation simulation system keeps vehicles safe in virtual reality. The company also developed GeForce, which is now the largest platform in the gaming world. In 2019, the game streaming service GeForce Now became available for all mobile phones via an app.

NVIDIA is developing better and better products for gamers. In 2018, for example, the company developed a new range of video cards for gamers. These video cards perform much better than their predecessors. The new RTX cards are no less than six times faster than the cards from the previous GTX series.

Games are evolving and becoming more sophisticated. Gamers make high demands on their hardware. Especially serious gamers will regularly buy a new graphics card. Because of this NVIDIA can count on a loyal customer base. However, it is important that NVIDIA keeps up with the competition. It is therefore important to check before you buy shares whether NVIDIA is still leading the way in the development of graphic cards.

NVIDIA and Bitcoins

At the time of the Bitcoin hype, you saw a sharp increase in graphic card sales. The share price of NVIDIA benefited greatly from this trend. To get Bitcoins, you have to mine them, which is a process that requires a lot of computing power. The chips supplied by Nvidia can do this job well.

It may well be that in the future the Bitcoin will start a new rally again. If this is the case, NVIDIA’s stock price may simply continue to rise. By actively investing in NVIDIA stocks, you can respond to these kinds of trends.

The future of Nvidia

NVIDIA can look forward to a bright future. In the media, image is becoming more and more important versus text and this requires GPUs in which Nvidia is the market leader. Clouds are also becoming increasingly popular and Nvidia offers the necessary technology for this as well. It is also expected that Nvidia will supply the technology for self-propelled cars to Volvo in 2020, which could lead to further profits.

All in all, NVIDIA is clearly a company working with technology for the future. This can further increase the share price in the future. Do you believe in the new technologies NVIDIA is working on? In that case, it may be attractive to buy NVIDIA stocks.

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