How can you buy Swiss shares?

Switzerland is known, among other things, for its banking secrecy. This is the reason why many rich people keep part of their money there. But even normal, middle-class people can benefit from Switzerland by investing there. But where can you actually buy the Swiss stocks against cheap rates?

Where can you buy the Swiss stocks?

It is not smart to choose parties that charge high transaction costs. I myself recommend the broker eToro, because you don't pay commissions there when you buy Swiss stocks. Use the button to directly open an account with this broker:

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Where can you actively trade in Swiss shares?

A good party for active CFD Swiss stock trading is Plus500. With Plus500 you can actively trade in price differences on the Swiss Stock Exchange using CFDs. Would you like to try the possibilities for free and without risk? Then use the button below to open a free demo account:

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What are the best Swiss shares?

Switzerland is a very prosperous country with a powerful economy. Especially in the banking sector, the country is very successful: it can therefore be interesting to invest in Swiss companies.

Do you want to invest in the best Swiss shares? Then you will have to investigate which company suits you best. Companies can differ greatly in their qualities and not every company suits every type of investor equally well.

Therefore, first examine carefully what the risks are of investing in the share you have in mind. You can do this, for example, by investigating what the company’s biggest competitors are and by examining the company's vision for the future.

Invest your money in Switzerland

In the past, many wealthy people used their Swiss bank account to invest and build up assets in secret. This was made possible by the so-called banking secrecy which prevented other governments from seeing how much money was in the account.

However, this banking secrecy is largely a thing of the past.

In the fight against tax avoidance and tax evasion, governments are increasingly cooperating and exchanging bank account information. It is therefore not advisable to deposit your money in Switzerland and thus avoid paying taxes.

Buy Swiss stocks in Europe

Due to a conflict in 2019, you can only buy Swedish stocks on the Swiss stock exchange itself. In the past, many of these companies simply had a listing on a European stock exchange. It is good to keep an eye on this situation when considering an investment in Switzerland.

Pay attention to the exchange rate

When investing in Switzerland, it is important to keep an eye on the exchange rate. This is especially the case when you invest in Switzerland with another currency than the Swiss franc.

The franc is a currency that does particularly well in difficult economic times. The currency is often seen as a safe haven. When the value of your currency decreases in relation to the franc, you can make a loss on your investments. After all, when you sell Swiss stocks, you first receive the franc, which you then convert back to your own currency. When you start investing in Switzerland, you must therefore keep an eye on the price developments.

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