How can you Buy Yandex shares?

If you want to invest in Russia, an investment in Yandex can be a good decision. Yandex is the largest search engine in the country and knows how to make a high profit with advertisements. Do you want to know how to buy Yandex shares yourself? In this article, we will look at how to invest in Yandex. You can also see the latest stock price here.

How to buy Yandex shares?

Do you have confidence in the Yandex search engine? Then it may be wise to buy the shares. Before buying the shares, it is wise to analyse how the company is doing in relation to the other search engines. You can also study the Russian economy. When the economy is doing well, advertising revenue is likely to increase.

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How can you actively invest in Yandex shares?

Positive and negative news can constantly influence the price development of Yandex shares. A negative rumor can cause the price to drop ten percent or more. As an investor you only suffer a loss. However, if you actively trade in Yandex shares, you can benefit from this.

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What is the current stock price of Yandex?

Would you like to know how the Yandex share is developing? Then take a look at the graph below! You’ll immediately see how the price of the CFD share develops. With the buttons, you can immediately open a trading position on the company.

About the company Yandex

The Russian multinational Yandex N.V. specializes in products and services related to the Internet. The company is best known for its search engine of the same name. The public in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States is mainly served by Yandex, based in the Netherlands.

By the way, most of the team members and the founders of the company are based in Russia. The company’s main operational headquarters is located in Moscow, Russia. The Dutch-Russian company is also headquartered in Amsterdam. This head office is located near Schiphol Airport.

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Products and services offered by the company

Yandex has more than 70 different services to offer. Examples of the products and services offered by the company include navigation, search and information services, e-commerce, online advertising and mobile applications.

The company also has its own browser (Yandex.Browser), its own translator (Yandex.Translator) and its own map service (Yandex.Maps). Other services offered by the company include e-mail mailboxes, Cloud services and an appstore for Android.

A large search engine

Yandex is not only the largest technology company in Russia: it is also the largest search engine in Russian. The popular search engine has a market share of 52% for this language. The home page is one of the most popular websites in Russia.

In Russia, the Yandex-ru home page is ranked 4th in popularity. Moreover, this search engine has the largest market share of any major search engine in the Commonwealth of Independent States. Worldwide, Yandex ranks fifth after Google, Baidu, Bing and Yahoo!.

Company history

Arkadi Wolosch is the founder and later head of Yandex. In Soviet times he studied applied mathematics. In 1990, he developed search algorithms. In 1993, he found a partner in the Apreshan laboratory, the Institute of Information Transfer of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Here he found a solution that made it possible to use a search engine in the Russian language. The words of a search are not only linked to the dictionary. The user of a search engine receives suggestions for grammatical errors or unfamiliar words.

Together with his school friend IIja Segalowitsch Wolosch he founded the company ComTek in 1993. In 1997, the arrival of the first Cyrillic search engine Yandex was announced. In November 1997, this search engine went online as The search engine met a need. At that time, most search engines could not use the cyrillic script and the Russian language.

In 1997, the Yandex search engine was still part of the company ComTek. The usage of the search engine grew strongly. In 2000 Arkadi Wolosch and IIja Sagalowitsch founded the company Yandex.

Test with rides in autonomous cars

The internet company Yandex has its own cab service. This cab service will start in 2020 with a test with rides in self-propelled cars. For trips to and from the stadium and the university, residents of the Russian city of Innopolis can order a prototype of a self- propelled car. Just to be on the safe side, there will still be a driver who can intervene if necessary.

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