How can you buy Christian Dior SE shares?

Christian Dior is a well-known French brand that produces luxury products. Would you like to invest in Dior shares? In this article we discuss how you can best invest in Dior by buying the stocks.

How can you invest in Dior?

Dior is a well-known luxury brand with a rich history. Now that wealth is increasing worldwide, you see that more and more people can buy these kinds of luxury products. This can therefore be a good reason to invest in Dior.

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Where can you buy Dior stocks?

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What is Dior’s stock price?

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About the Dior company

The French luxury fashion house Christian Dior SE is better known as Dior. The clothes and shoes of this French fashion house are only sold in Dior’s own shops. The most important are the women’s items. However, the company also has a Dior Men division for men’s clothes and a Baby Dior label for children’s clothes.

The fashion house is chaired and controlled by Bernard Arnault. This well-known French businessman also leads LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy). This is the largest luxury group in the world. Within LVMH, Dior owns 42.36% of the stocks. Moreover, Dior owns 59.01% of the voting rights within LVMH.

The company’s headquarters are in Paris.

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Company history

The French fashion house Dior was founded on 16 December 1946 in Paris on the Avenue Montaigne. The head office is still located there. The fashion house mentions 1947 as the year of foundation.

Christian Dior released his first collection in 1947. That collection became world-famous as “The New Look” by the American edition of the magazine “Harpers Bazaar”. This collection consisted of the best tailoring and luxurious fabrics. Revolutionary for that time were the rounded shoulder and the tight-fitting waist. The collections in the following years always had a different style. The collections in the following years always had a different style. For example, the autumn collection of 1948 played with embroidery motifs and a collection released in 1949 was inspired by mythology.

A revolutionary change

In the mid-1950s, a truly revolutionary change took place. His style, inspired by menswear, became minimalist. He became a leading fashion icon. On 4 March 1957, he appeared on the cover of “Time” magazine. He died the same year of a heart attack.

Even after Dior’s death, the fashion house was successful. Designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Marc Bohan all added something different to the company. The company grew bigger and bigger.

In 1984, the fashion house Dior was bought by the French businessman Bernard Arnault. Even today, Dior is among the most important leaders in the fashion world.

An interesting share

The business group LVMH includes luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, TAGHeuer and Zenith. LVMH showed remarkable resilience in the third quarter of 2020. LVMH’s share price is showing an upward trend. It is not unlikely that luxury brands will recover quickly after the corona crisis.

Dior’s stocks are traded on the Euronext stock exchange in Paris. The price of these shares has shown a clear upward trend since mid-March 2020. Buying the stocks is therefore definitely worth considering.

The fact that Dior is performing well even in economically difficult times is obviously a good sign. This can also be a good reason to buy Dior shares.

Louis Vuitton becomes full owner of Dior

The French Arnaud family owns almost half of LVMH. This family already owned three quarters of the shares in the Dior clothing group. In 2017, it was decided to buy the remaining stocks. Around 12 billion euros will be paid for it. With this purchase, Louis Vuitton strengthens its share in the market of leather and luxury goods.

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