Make money on the internet: 64 proven methods!

Do you also want to earn good money? Do you have access to the internet? Use these 64 methods to make money online! Earning money has never been so much fun!

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Method 1: Active trading

A good way to make money on the internet is active trading. By actively trading, you can speculate on rising and falling prices. When negative news is released, you can decide to short sell a share. You then earn money when the price of the share falls. Active investing or day trading makes it possible to achieve high returns.

However, active investing is no guaranteed path to wealth! To be successful, you need to understand exactly which factors influence stock market prices. Before you actively start investing, you should read our day trading course. You can also open a free demo to try investing without risk. Remember: investing always involves risk!

Method 2: Questionnaires

Your opinion is worth money! You can earn money on the Internet by filling in questionnaires or surveys. Before you can participate, you have to fill in the necessary general data. That way, companies can find an interesting target group for their surveys.

A well-known party is Swagbucks. With Swagbucks, you save points for each survey you participate in. You can participate in an average of two surveys per month. This way you can quickly earn yourself some extra cash. Click here to open a free account with Swagbucks.

A fairly new party where you can also participate in questionnaires is Toluma. The main goal of Toluma is to keep filling in questionnaires fun. The lists are designed more attractively and you have a chance of winning nice prizes. Click here to open a free account with Toluna.

Making money questionnaire

Method 3: providing advice

You can make nice money by giving advice. For this, it is important to first determine what you have above-average knowledge of. Do you exercise a lot, for example? Maybe you can help people, for a fee, to draw up a good training and nutrition plan. Are you good with taxes? Maybe you can help people with their taxes for a fee.

You can eventually make money with almost any skill. The challenge is often to build up a customer base. Start by looking within your network. Once you have received the first customers, you can easily expand your customer base.

Method 4: Working as a freelancer

By working as a freelancer, you can earn a lot of money. However, you do need specific skills. Think for example of writing articles for companies. There is also often a high demand for designers and people who can carry out search engine optimization. On Upwork, you can easily place an advertisement in which you offer yourself as a freelancer.

However, the possibilities do not end there. On the international Fiverr you can find many more people who rent out their own original services. For example, you can make someone write a unique song or let a beautiful lady promote your brand. Fiverr is a good place to offer a wide range of freelance services.

Fiverr logo

Method 5: Affiliate marketing

There is a lot of money to be made on the Internet through affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, a company pays you for bringing in leads. Think, for example, of an insurance company that pays you to bring in customers. Another example is a charity that pays per donor.

You can do affiliate marketing from your blog or social media channel. But first, think carefully about the target group you want to appeal to. An example of a good affiliate network is Tradedoubler. Tradedoubler gives you direct access to the campaigns of many large companies. Of course, you can also choose to write to a company in person.

Method 6: Working as a babysitter

One way to earn some extra money is to work as a babysitter. Occasionally, parents want to spend a night on the town. Especially when the child or children are asleep, it is easy to earn money.

Don’t like children? Look after a pet! Use the PetBacker application to search for pet owners in your neighbourhood who are still looking for a pet sitter. It is also possible to get paid for walking dogs with PetBacker.

Walking dogs for money

Method 7: Give guided tours in your city

Do you know a lot about your city? Then go give guided tours! You can start something on your own or join an organization that is already active in the city. In big cities like London and New York, free tours are organized regularly. As a tour guide, you can still earn some money with these tours, as the tourists often leave a nice tip.

Method 8: Changing jobs

Have you been stuck working the same job for a while? It pays to look around. People who stay in the same job for too long often earn less. Working experience in different companies makes you more valuable. Moreover, you often receive a higher salary when you are recruited by another company. After all, they have to convince you, don’t they?

Method 9: Washing cars

Do you have nothing to do on Sunday and do you want to earn some extra money? Go wash cars! Ring the doorbell of your neighbours and ask if you can give the car a good wash for a tenner. Chances are that some of them will agree. That’s enough to buy you a nice dinner that evening.

Car wash for money

Method 10: Cleaning for money

Hiring a cleaner is becoming increasingly popular. As a cleaner, you quickly earn more money than with other basic jobs. Moreover, you are quite flexible in organizing your time. For example, you can easily decide to work just a few extra hours per week.

A great platform where you can work as a cleaner is helpling. This platform connects cleaners and clients easily. This way, you don’t have to go looking for clients yourself.

Method 11: Dividends

You can also make money by enjoying dividend payments. When you own shares, you sometimes receive dividends. Companies then pay out a portion of the profits. If you want to make money by receiving dividends, it is wise to buy shares that pay out a stable high dividend. A good example is Shell.

To be able to receive dividends, you need an account at a good broker. In the article buying stocks you will find out where you can buy the best stocks to receive dividends. Click on the button below to compare the best brokers for buying shares:

Method 12: capital growth

The rich all understand the principle of wealth creation. Money ultimately makes money. If you really want to make good money, you must therefore work on capital growth. You can do this by investing for the long term, with an index fund for example.

The most powerful principle in capital growth is interest on interest or compound interest. When you reinvest the return time after time, your wealth grows exponentially. When your wealth is big enough, you never have to earn money by working hard again.

Do you want to know how best to invest in index funds yourself? Read our article on this subject:

Compound interest

Method 13: Renting out houses

Real estate can be very lucrative. It can therefore be attractive to buy a second home and to rent it out. For example, many parents choose to buy student accommodation for their son or daughter. By renting it out to people they trust, they make money without the extra worries.

In general, real estate is a good investment. After all, house prices rise with inflation. In the long run, it protects your money against inflation. In addition, the rent you receive is often higher than the amount you have to pay on your mortgage.

Do you want to know what opportunities there are for investing in real estate? Then read our article about investing in real estate:

Method 14: Airbnb rentals

Renting out your home through Airbnb can be very lucrative, especially in touristy cities. Unfortunately, many local governments have restricted the options for renting out your home. In Amsterdam, for example, you can only rent out your home for 30 days. Renting out your home during holidays will significantly increase your revenue per night.

Don’t feel like doing the bookings, cleaning and reservations yourself? Use a service like Pass the keys. Pass the keys takes care of all these worries for a small percentage of the revenues. I always use this service when I rent out my house.

Making money on Airbnb

Method 15: Negotiate a higher salary

One of the reasons why women earn less than men is because they negotiate less. Actively negotiating your salary has a positive effect on the amount of money you earn. It is therefore important to put energy into this. Prepare your case well and explain why you think you should earn more money.

Method 16: Paying off debts

The best way to earn serious money is to pay off debts. On a revolving credit, for example, you quickly pay an interest rate of eight to ten percent. By paying off your debts, you immediately earn money! You will no longer pay those tens or hundreds of euros in interest on a monthly basis.

Method 17: Photography

You can also earn good money with photography. Of course, you must have a good camera and that you know how to use it. For example, you can hire yourself out as a photographer for events. This can be a club night or a romantic wedding. It often pays to specialize in a particular field.

You can also position yourself as a portrait photographer. Do you like to make professional photos for someone’s LinkedIn, for example? Or are you good at setting up a modelling portfolio? It is a good idea to do some free jobs in the beginning so that you can build up a name and a portfolio.

Earning model photo money

Method 18: Setting up a web shop

Nowadays, it is easier than ever to set up a webshop. You can use a free webshop CMS like Magento for this. When running a successful webshop, there are some things that need to be done. You need a registration at the chamber of commerce. Of course, you also need to choose a niche. Do not try to beat Amazon right away. No, think about the area in which you can specialize and focus on that first.

Method 19: Delivery driver

You can also work part-time as a delivery driver. Sign up with UberEats, for example. The advantage of these delivery services is that you can plan your time freely. You can decide when you want to make some deliveries. When the weather is good, you can combine delivering food with a work-out on your bike.

Uber eats make money

Method 20: mystery shopper

Shops often want to know how their staff is doing. They use mystery shoppers for this purpose. Mystery shoppers visit a shop to see if they are greeted correctly. Sometimes they also perform special assignments to see if the staff reacts properly. After a visit, the mystery shopper often has to write a small report.

You can easily earn money as a mystery shopper at e.g. Multi-Value. Creating an account is free and you can decide which jobs you take on.

Method 21: Sell on the telephone or on the street

You can also earn money by selling products. There are several companies that specialize in this. You work as a caller in a call centre where you have to sell products in a charming way. Some companies will also place you on the street where you will directly address people.

The great thing about selling is that you can earn extra money when you are successful. You often receive a minimal basic payment and a nice commission for every sale you make.

Method 22: Sell on eBay

You can also earn money by selling products on eBay. Check the attic, for example, to see if you have any superfluous products. You can also do it more professionally and buy certain products in larger quantities. You can then sell them on eBay with a profit margin per item.

Method 23: drop-shipping

Drop-shipping is an ideal way to earn money for people who cannot keep stock at home. With drop-shipping, you sell the products of another party. The other party then takes care of all aspects: they are responsible for shipping the products.

You are responsible for customer contact and for passing on the orders. There are various drop-ship companies in, for example, China. You can find all kinds of nice products there at rock bottom prices. As with setting up a webshop, it is important to choose a specific niche.

Method 24: Rent out a car

It is the time of the sharing economy! You can also earn money by renting out your car. You can use Turo for this. Turo has come up with its own keyless solution, so you don’t have to hand over the keys all the time. This way, your car can serve as an extra source of income. Moreover, your car is fully insured with Turo.

Method 25: bed and breakfast

Do you have an empty room in your house? Start a bed and breakfast! You can earn good money with a bed and breakfast, especially in the big cities. Moreover, you bring a lot of cosiness into your house. However, it is important to read the rules carefully. In some cities it is only allowed to start a bed and breakfast if you do not already rent out the house through Airbnb.

Bed and breakfast money making

Method 26: drive for Uber

Another way to earn money is to drive as an Uber driver. Driving as an Uber driver is unfortunately not as easy as it used to be. That is why you cannot just start driving for Uber. In most countries you first need an official taxi licence. When you meet all these requirements you can work as an Uber driver in a very flexible way. You work when and where you want!

Method 27: Write articles

You can earn a lot of money by writing informative articles. The subject doesn’t matter. You can write about anything you find interesting. For example, you can write an article about the latest tax developments or about a specific breed of dog. But how do you make money from this?

You do this by placing the articles on the right website. Some websites have many visitors and are more than happy to share the advertising revenue with you. Of course, you can also choose to start your blog: you might even become a famous influencer.

Method 28: Selling photos online

Do you ever shoot a nice picture? You can earn good money with it! At Shutterstock, you can offer your photos for free. After you have added a picture, it is visible to visitors all over the world. You then receive a nice compensation for every download. If your photo is popular, this compensation can be substantial.

Method 29: Tutoring

Another good way to earn money is by tutoring. Nowadays, this is often done via the Internet. You can then pay to give tutorials in a language or a secondary school subject. Are you above average capable in a certain skill? Offer yourself as a tutor and earn extra money through the internet.


Method 30: psychological study

For psychological studies, test subjects are always needed. The laboratories of universities such as are therefore regularly looking for participants. You will receive an average remuneration of $10 per hour. The experiments are often interesting to participate in, and you also contribute to science as a whole.

Before you go to the laboratory of a university, visit its website. That way you can see if there are any interesting studies available.

Method 31: Drug study

With a medical study, you can quickly earn thousands of pounds. For these studies, you often have to live in a closed environment for a longer period of time. New medicines are administered and in between you have to do all kinds of tests to see if there are any side effects. In between, you have a lot of free time in which you can read or watch series.

The risks of a drug trial are limited. They only test drugs on you that have already passed several important testing stages. However, there is always a small chance that something could go wrong. For the brave among us, participating in a medicine study can still be an interesting option to earn some extra money.

Method 32: Developing an app

Applications for smartphones are all the rage. If you develop a popular application, you can earn a lot of money with it. With free applications, you can earn money by showing advertisements. With paid applications, you earn money by customers buying your application. To develop a profitable app, creativity is essential.

You can choose to have someone develop an app for you. This can be a good option if you do not have the skills needed to develop an app yourself. However, first work out your unique idea on paper so you can explain to the programmer exactly what he should do.

Making money app development

Method 33: Software development

Developing successful software can also bring in a lot of money. You must first check if the idea you have already exists. Then you need to find someone who can develop the software for you. With software, you can make money by selling extra services or by asking money directly for the software package.

You can also choose to develop online software. Some of these software packages have made their owners a lot of money. One example is the website software of All paid users pay a fixed amount every month to be able to use the extra features.

Method 34: Selling hair

Did you know that you can earn a lot of money by selling your hair? That makes a hairdresser’s visit suddenly a lot more profitable. Unfortunately, this way of making money works mainly for women. Longer hair is much more profitable. Grey hair is also surprisingly more valuable. The hair is used to make natural wigs.

Method 35: Selling your body

They call it the oldest known profession. Whether this is true is debatable. Fact is that people have been doing it for fun for millions of years. And where would you not make some extra money doing this? In general, this way of making money is more easily accessible to women than to men.

Making money body

Method 36: Buying and selling gold and silver

You can make a lot of money by investing in gold and silver. Both precious metals are often seen as safe havens. That is why the prices often rise sharply when the economy is not doing so well. You can actively trade gold through an investment account with an online broker.

You can also choose to buy gold and silver physically. This can be done in the form of coins and larger bars.

Method 37: Deposit money

A good way to earn some extra money is by collecting a deposit. First of all, see for yourself which bottles you still have lying around the house. If you are really active, you can ring the doorbell of people in your neighbourhood to see if you can bring back beer crates, for example. It may not make you rich, but you can earn some extra money with it.

Method 38: temporary work

Do you have some empty time to fill? Then you might consider temporary work. At Indeed you can find temporary jobs as well as full-time and part-time jobs. These are often small jobs in for example the hospitality industry where you can earn some extra money.

Method 39: Translator

Do you master two languages at a high level? Then you can offer your services as a translator. Translators easily receive 5 to 15 cents per word depending on the level of your skills. The biggest challenge at first is finding good clients. In the beginning, it may be wise to offer your services at a greatly reduced rate. By doing so, you can build a strong portfolio.

Method 40: YouTube channel

For most people, YouTube is primarily a source of entertainment. But did you know that you can also earn good money with the well-known video website? Videos are shown with advertisements and you can profit from this if you create good content. Google pays between 40 cents and 4 pounds per 1000 views.

Nowadays, there are so-called vloggers who get their full-time income from YouTube. If you receive 4 pounds per 1000 views and each video receives 100,000 views, you will soon be earning a huge amount! However, don’t quit your job immediately because becoming a well-known vlogger is not easy.

Making Money YouTube

Method 41: Instagram influencer

Instagram is a well-known social network that revolves around sharing images and videos. But did you know that you can also earn good money as an influencer on Instagram? To accomplish this, you have to be very active. Besides numerous followers, you will also have to communicate a lot with your followers.

Brands like to use real people, as we are more likely to come across products recommended by people like you and me. In the beginning, it is difficult to make money. However, big names quickly earn thousands of pounds per post.

Method 42: Design

If you have a creative mind, you can make good money designing things. For example, website owners often want to have new logos and templates designed. But you can also make money with design outside the world of the Internet.

Local companies need their house style. You can design the leaflets or the stationery of a new company. If you are handy with Photoshop you can earn a lot of money designing all kinds of things.

Method 43: Buy furniture and refurbish

This way of earning money is perfect for the handymen among us. You can easily buy furniture at a lower price on Craigslist. Sometimes they even give them away.

With some paint and a few adjustments, you can make an old piece of furniture trendy again. Suddenly, you receive money for the piece of furniture that you picked up (almost) for free. This way of making money is therefore perfect for anyone who likes to do a lot of DIY.

Method 44: Facebook ads

Not everyone is aware of it, but social networks like Facebook try to make money out of you. As a regular user of the service, you do not benefit from this. However, if you play it smart, you can also make money with Facebook ads. But how do you do this?

You can do this by finding a product that many people want. Then you use Facebook ads to appeal to the target group. If you make sure that your advertising costs are lower than the profit you generate, you have a good market on your hands! With Facebook ads, it comes down to a lot of trial and error. So, don’t give up too soon.

Making money from Facebook

Method 45: Drafting a CV

Many people are desperate for a job. If you can help people with this, you can make some nice extra money. People often have difficulty writing a good CV or job application letter. You can help people in this process for a fee.

A second pair of eyes will make sure that sloppy mistakes are picked out. You can also help improve the design of the CV. You can find your clients through a website or by placing an advertisement in a local newspaper.

Method 46: Sharing your skills

We ourselves often do not realize how special a specific skill we have is. When other people want to learn what you can do, you can make money out of it. This can be anything. Whether you are good at salsa, languages, drawing or doing odd jobs!

Try sharing your skills and find out how many people are willing to do that.

Method 47: Trade domains

Did you know that you can earn big money with domains? Some domains sell for millions. Having an attractive domain increases the chance of success considerably. You can also get a piece of the pie and make some extra money with domain trading.

If you have your eye on a good domain, you can easily register it with one of the many domain registrars. Sedo is the perfect website to offer your domain for sale. The website works with an auction system and handles the sale from A to Z.

Making money domains

Method 48: trade in collectibles

Whatever you can get for it… That applies to many things in life. The trade in collectibles plays on this very feeling. However, you often need a certain amount of knowledge and hobby ism to persevere in this.

You can earn money by trading books, stamps or rare coins, for example. Look for bargains on (online) markets and then sell them again for more. When you can negotiate, you increase your profits considerably.

Method 49: Peer 2 peer lending

You can also make money by lending your money. If you want to do this with a low risk, you can invest in bonds. Bonds are debt securities from companies and governments. If you want to make more money, you can also consider peer 2 peer lending.

With this form of lending, you lend your money to other individuals or companies through a company. The interest rate on this form of lending is much higher. Of course, there is also the risk that the party lending the money is unable to repay it. However, many companies spread the risk over several loans.

Method 50: Renting out a house as a film set

Not all films are shot in the old-fashioned way. For some films, the makers are looking for something more authentic. It is therefore possible to rent out your house as a film set. That’s a nice way to earn money! And maybe you will soon see your living room in the next blockbuster!

House as a film studio

Method 51: Testing websites

Website owners also have certain goals with their websites. It can therefore be essential for them to have a website extensively tested. You can earn money by extensively testing the different paths within a site.

Sometimes special attention is paid to the way you use the site. The owner can then see whether the goals that have been set are being achieved. By looking at how you use the website, changes can be made.

Method 52: Return printer cartridges

This is one of the easiest ways to make money on this list. It takes very little effort to return printer cartridges. You can easily send your cartridges via this website. Sending the cartridges is completely free, and you will quickly receive a few pounds per cartridge. That way, you earn money and save the environment!

Making money printing ink

Method 53: Be healthy & run

You can also earn extra money by being healthy. Studies have shown that financial rewards can lead to changes in behaviour. The creator of Runister has clearly heard about this. With Runister, you can earn money by exercising. But how does this work exactly?

Everyone who uses Runister first makes a small deposit of 10 pounds. Then, by means of your smartphone, they keep track of how much you run. You get paid per kilometre you run. When you run more, you get paid more per kilometre. That way your earnings keep increasing.

Making money running

Method 54: Virtual Assistant

A trendy new way to earn money is to hire yourself out as a virtual assistant. You support an entrepreneur by taking certain office tasks off his hands. Think for example of answering emails, processing small administrative tasks and answering the phone.

As a virtual assistant, you can earn a nice extra hourly salary. Do you want to earn money as a virtual assistant? Let people know about it on, for example, Fiverr. This is the perfect website to offer your skills as a virtual assistant.

Method 55: Working for Amazon

You can also earn money by doing small jobs for Amazon. Amazon’s website is gigantic, and it is difficult for this Internet giant to keep all the content up to date. For this reason, Amazon uses Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Within this programme, you perform so-called micro-tasks. These include checking the spelling or certain details of a product. You often receive a few cents for each subtask. If you perform many tasks, the amount you earn can be large.

Method 56: Earn from your travels

Of course, you can already make money from your trip by temporarily renting out your home on Airbnb. What many people don’t know is that your experience is also worth money. For example, do you often visit the same holiday destination? Start your blog and inform people about all the options your holiday destination has to offer.

You can then earn money from this by using affiliate marketing. You will then be paid a percentage of everything that people spend on holidays in this country. That way, you will have a beautiful memory of your holiday and earn a nice amount of money too!

Method 57: gambling at the casino

In the long run, of course, the casino always wins. In the short run, however, you can get lucky and make money gambling in the casino. For example, you can bet on a colour in roulette. You can also get lucky and win a big jackpot on the slot machine (I have won $1,700 and $900 at a Dutch casino!).

If you prefer to play online, this is also possible. The range of online casinos is very extensive, and you can play all the well-known games here. However, remember that you will most likely not get rich from gambling in a casino. So, play wisely!

Method 58: Playing professional poker

Poker and investing have quite a lot in common. Risk management plays a major role in both. Poker is not entirely a game of chance. Of course, elements of chance are present. However, if you are good at poker, you can consistently earn money with this wonderful game.

Some people choose to participate in tournaments in casinos. This has the advantage that you can really try to read the other players. However, the casino takes a share of the profit. Most professional poker players therefore seek refuge at online parties. This is more flexible and the costs are usually lower.

Poker money making

Method 59: Renting out parking spaces

Do you live in a city and own a parking space? Then you can make some nice money with it. On this site you can rent out your parking space. With the rising cost of parking, your parking space will only become more valuable in the future.

Method 60: Share cooking

Are you a good cook and do you always prepare too much food? Then start selling your food to your neighbours! On this website you can sell portions of your food to neighbours. Subsequently, you receive reviews about your cooking, so you know immediately if you are a good cook.

Earning money with the food you were going to cook anyway is a nice bonus. Moreover, it is a nice way to get to know your neighbours a little better.

Method 61: getting money back in case of price decrease

Have you just bought a product and then the price has dropped significantly? Then you can often claim this money back. A good party to use is Paribus. This site automatically scans your receipts and submits the claims for you.

Also, with holidays booked on, for example, it can be attractive to keep an eye on the prices. Sometimes the price can suddenly be much lower a few weeks later. If you have booked with the option to cancel, you can easily book for the new price and cancel your reservation.

Method 62: Opening a bank account

Opening several bank accounts can be fun. Many bank accounts give you a free welcome bonus of, for example, £50. Therefore, keep a close eye on the offers of banks and do not miss out on this extra bonus.

Method 63: Comparing providers

You can also make money by carefully comparing different providers. The difference between the cheapest and most expensive electricity provider, for example, is enormous. By switching at the right time, you can quickly save hundreds of pounds.

In other product groups, too, it is wise to compare providers carefully. Think for example of insurances, loans and telephone subscriptions. On our site you can easily compare where you can invest against low fees.

Method 64: Online Investing

Getting started with online investing

More and more people are discovering the possibilities of online investing or trading. But what are the biggest advantages of this way of making money?

  • You can invest anywhere: all you need is the internet.
  • The ability to use leverage allows you to trade with little money.
  • You can often try out investing for free by means of a demo.
  • By opening a short position, you can also invest in a falling market.
  • The user-friendly software allows you to open orders on all shares.

Do you also want to start making good money?  Open a free (demo) account with a broker and get started right away!

How does investing work?

making good money

When you start trading with an online broker, you can make money by buying and selling stocks, commodities and index funds. You can do this simply by pressing the right button with your mouse. Then the moment you use the close button determines how much profit or loss you make.

When you buy a security, you make money if the price goes up, and when you sell a security, you make money if the price goes down. The profit or loss is only final once you have closed your position.

If you make the wrong decision, you will lose money. Therefore, only invest with money you can afford to lose.

Do you want to try it out with a demo?

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? The great thing is that you can try this great way of making money completely risk-free. I am a big fan of the broker eToro. eToro’s user-friendly software allows anyone to quickly get up and running with the platform. Today, this broker offers new customers a €40,000 demo to try out the possibilities.

Do you want to open a free demo? Please use the button below to open a demo directly at eToro:

Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply. For more information, visit capital is at risk. Other fees apply. For more information, visit capital is at risk. Other fees apply. For more information, visit

Automating your system

You can get better results by automating your investment strategy. Professional day tradersonly analyse the chart once a day to see if there are attractive buying or selling opportunities. By subsequently setting up orders, you can automatically buy or sell the security the next day. The automation goes even further!

You can also make use of a stop loss and a take profit. A stop loss is a value on which you automatically take your loss, and a take profit is a value on which you automatically take your profit. By setting these values you don’t have to manage open positions any more, so you can just go to work without any worries.

Remember: the more you ultimately see investing as a system, the more successful you will become. Practice a lot: you will not be the first to lose a lot of money with investing.

Earning good money on the Internet?

There are roughly three ways in which you can make a lot of money: starting a business, investing in real estate and investing in the stock market. In my opinion, the last option is the most easily accessible as you can try it out for free with a demo. I would like to end the article with some tips that will really help you make good money on the internet with investing.

  • Do not listen to your emotions: think in advance about where you will take a loss.
  • Practice with a demo first, but don’t wait too long to switch to real money.
  • Try to spot patterns and follow the general movement of the market.
  • Always use a stop loss, limit your losses!
  • Make sure your loss to gain ratio is higher than one.

Try trading risk free?


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