How to buy Essity shares?

Essity is a well-known Swedish company that produces hygiene and health products. Would you like to invest in Essity by buying its stocks? In this article we discuss where you can do that best!

How can you invest in Essity?

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Where can you buy Essity shares?

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About the Essity company

Essity is a company with an important position in the field of hygiene and health products. The company develops and produces sustainable personal care and tissue products. The company’s products are sold in around 150 countries.

Well-known brand names of those products include TENA, Libero, Libresse, Lotus, Tempo and Vinda. Single-use products produced by the company include tissue paper, baby nappies, sanitary pads, panty liners and plasters.

The company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

Company history

This Swedish company was founded in June 2017. Until June 2017, Essity was part of the company SCA which was founded in 1929. It was then a forestry company. In 1975, SCA acquired Mölnlycke AB, a European manufacturer of single-use hygiene products. In 2015, SCA announces that it will separate its forestry and hygiene operations into two divisions.

In 2016 it was announced that SCA would be split into two publicly traded companies. With the separation of the hygiene operations, the company Essity AB was created in 2017. The company is now listed on the Stockholm stock exchange.

Criticism of Essity

Essity is the second largest manufacturer of toilet paper and handkerchiefs in the world. In 2017, Greenpeace International conducted an investigation into the destructive practices of this company. To make their products, the company felled large areas of primary forest in Finland, Sweden and Russia. The habitat of endangered species and plants was being destroyed.

Replacing natural forest with large plantations is hurting indigenous communities. For example, their reindeer have increasingly difficulty accessing the grassy areas. According to Greenpeace, Essity should leave these important forests alone. With sustainability becoming increasingly important, this can put pressure on the share price of a company like Essity. It is therefore advisable to be wary of this when investing in Essity.

Reducing water and energy consumption in tissue production

Global hygiene and health company Essity announced in 2019 that it will invest EUR 37 million in a sustainable alternative fibre facility. This technology will enable high-quality hygiene products to be manufactured, based on wheat straw. Wheat straw, an agricultural by-product, is a sustainable raw material. Sustainable advantages of using wheat straw include a significant reduction in water and energy consumption.

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