How can you buy Hitachi shares?

Hitachi is a large Japanese conglomerate. The company may not be very well known in Europe, but there are even factories of this producer in the Netherlands. With more than 300,000 employees and a turnover of billions, the company is certainly not a small one. Do you want to invest in Hitachi shares? Then read this article to discover where to buy Hitachi stock! You can also consult the current price of the Hitachi stock here.

Where can you buy Hitachi stocks?

Do you have confidence in the future of this huge Japanese conglomerate? Then you can invest in Hitachi shares via an online broker. At different brokers, it is possible to buy Japanese shares directly. However, take the exchange rate into account: when your currency falls in value against the Japanese yen, you can even achieve a bad result when the share price rises. At eToro you can buy Hitachi stocks without transaction fees. Use the button below to directly open an account:

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How can you actively invest in Hitachi?

It can be interesting to actively invest in Hitachi shares. This is done by buying and selling Hitachi stocks at different times. By placing smart orders you can achieve better investment results. But what is a good party for active trading in shares?

A good broker to actively try trading in Hitachi stocks is Plus500. Plus500 allows you to trade CFDs on Hitachi without commissions. You can try out the possibilities 100% risk-free through a demo. To do this use the button below:

79% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

What is the current stock price of Hitachi?

Do you want to know what the last price of the Hitachi stock is? Below you can see a chart showing the price development of the CFD share Hitachi. With the buttons, you can trade the share directly and place an order.

About the Hitachi company

The forerunner of the globally operating Hitachi Group was a store where electronic parts were sold. From this one-man business, the Hitachi Group emerged what is a globally operating company. More than 20,000 different products are now produced by this company.

Hitachi manufactures industrial machinery, telecommunication equipment, elevators, escalators, measuring equipment, medical equipment, refrigerators, and high-speed trains. This enumeration is not complete. In any case, it is a company with a strong variation in products. This variation can be a good reason to invest in Hitachi shares.

Hitachi shares

The name Hitachi

What does the name Hitachi mean? The word is not only a reference to the city Hitachi. The word also refers to the Chinese character kanji. This character means sunrise which fits the corporate philosophy of Hitachi. The technology of this company adds value to people and society.

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