How can you buy Mazda shares?

I am positive about the company Mazda. I have been driving a Mazda for years and the car seems very reliable. Do you also have confidence in the company’s cars? Then it can be interesting to invest in Mazda. But what is the best place to buy Mazda shares? And what is the current stock price of Mazda?

Where can you buy Mazda shares?

Do you want to buy Mazda shares? You can directly trade in Mazda stocks with one of these reliable brokers:

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Active investing in Mazda

It is also possible to actively invest in Mazda. A major advantage of a more active investment strategy is the fact that you can optimally respond to the latest news. For example, in this article, you could read that the company was embarrassed by a badly executed advertisement. Negative attention can cause people to sell their shares, causing the price to drop.

A good party to actively trade in CFD Mazda shares is Plus500. Plus500 allows you to place orders on both rising and falling prices. This allows you to always optimally respond to recent market conditions. Would you like to try this method of trading for free using a demo? Then use the button below:

79% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

Current stock price of Mazda

Are you curious about the current price of the Mazda share? In the graph below you can see the price of the CFD on the Mazda share. You can also place an order directly on the market.

About the company Mazda

Mazda is a large manufacturer of cars. This originally Japanese company sold more than 1.6 million cars in 2019. Of these, only 215,000 were sold in Japan. Mazda’s market share on the Japanese market is therefore only 4%. In Europe, the company sells the second largest number of cars after Japan. Mazda also sells large quantities of cars in China, North America, and Australia.

The production of Mazda is carried out in five different factories. The largest of these is in Japan. Other factories for the production of cars and car parts can be found in China, Mexico, and Thailand. The two largest factories in Japan can collectively produce nearly one million cars per year. The smaller factories can produce about 200,000 cars.

Since 2015 Mazda has been working more intensively with the Toyota Motor Corporation, the collaboration with Ford has been greatly reduced. Ford still only owns about two percent of the shares in Mazda.

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History of Mazda

The history of the Japanese brand Mazda begins in 1920. Then the company Toyo Cork Kogyo was founded in Hiroshima. Through this company machines, lamps and motorcycles were made. From 1931 this company was called Mazda which is a reference to the Japanese god of light.

The company made light vans. Remarkably, the factory was hardly damaged during the bombardment of Hiroshima. In 1960, Mazda introduced the R-60 Coupé. This first passenger car from Mazda was a small two-seater. The Mazda brand became a success and even today Mazda is one of the fastest-growing car manufacturers.

Dark times for Mazda

The company Mazda was threatened with bankruptcy at the end of the nineties.  At that time, the American Ford took over 33% of the shares. Mazda car models with a Ford label appeared on the market. In 2008, Ford was threatened with bankruptcy. Ford then decided to sell 20% of its stocks to Mazda.

Negative profit figures can negatively influence the price of a share. It can then be interesting to speculate on a falling price. By actively investing in Mazda shares you can constantly respond to the latest developments.

Wrong Advertising

In the early 1990s, Mazda introduced a car with the smallest V6 engine in the world. This engine was portrayed in a television commercial by 6 jumping dwarves. After some time the advertisement disappeared from the screen. The commercial disappeared because it was thought that this advertisement discriminated against small people.

This type of advertising can strongly influence the price of a stock. Do you think the price of a Mazda stock will fall after a similar campaign? Then you can make your investment decision based on that!

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