How to buy Mitsubishi shares?

Mitsubishi is a company with a long history. During the Second World War the company produced very fast planes that were used for kamikaze attacks by the Japanese. Nowadays the company is mainly producing new cars. Would you like to invest in Mitsubishi yourself? Then read here how to buy shares in Mitsubishi and consult the latest stock price data!

Where can you buy Mitsubishi stocks?

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How can you actively invest in Mitsubishi?

Mitsubishi is a share that lends itself very well to active trading. When actively trading in Mitsubishi, it is important to keep an eye on the news. Mitsubishi got into trouble due to fraud in reporting emission. The share price decreased as a consequence. For the smart investor, these moments can be very interesting: you can benefit from movement or volatility in the stock price!

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What is the current stock price of Mitsubishi?

For investors, the price of a share is essential! Below you can see the current stock price of the company Mitsubishi. This is the so-called CFD price. You can also open a trade directly by using the buttons next to the chart.

Mitsubishi history

The history of the Japanese car brand Mitsubishi begins in 1917. In 1917, the model A is introduced, which is the first Japanese passenger car. Until 1921 only 22 copies of this hand-built car were made.

In the following decades, the company develops several innovative products. For example, the company develops the first Japanese diesel engine and the prototype with a four-wheel drive. Mitsubishi wants to promote the export for which the company was looking for cooperation partners.

In 1971, the company Chrysler buys 15% of the company Mitsubishi. Under its brand name Chrysler, Mitsubishi cars were sold in the United States. In Europe, Mitsubishi built up a distribution network under the name Colt.

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Mitsubishi during the Second World War

As the Second World War approached, Mitsubishi started producing trucks, buses, and aeroplanes. Mitsubishi made the agile and fast fighter plane Zero. This plane is used at the end of the war for the kamikaze assignments.

Successful seventies

The first Mitsubishi sold in Europe in the early seventies was the Mitsubishi Lancer. The extremely reliable Lancer was a success. The larger Mitsubishi Galant also appeared on the European market, followed by sporty models.

The seventies are a success story for Mitsubishi: In 1973 Mitsubishi builds 500,000 cars and in 1979 this number rises to 1,000,000.

Pioneer in four-wheel drive cars

Mitsubishi is the pioneer in all-wheel-drive cars. In 1933, the four-wheel-drive RX-33 appeared on the market. It was the first Japanese four-wheel-drive car. In 1982, Mitsubishi started producing four-wheel-drive cars again. The 4×4 Pajero became a formidable competitor to the Range Rover.

Do you think that the company Mitsubishi will continue to achieve strong results in the future? Then you can certainly consider investing in the company. It is important to keep a close eye on what the company does concerning the competition. Do you like Mitsubishi’s new car models? If so, this can just have a positive influence on the share price.

Partnerships in various countries

Mitsubishi has entered into collaborations with various countries since the seventies. For example, Mitsubishi and Volvo decided to develop a middle-class car together: the Mitsubishi Lancer and the Volvo S40/V40. Partnerships were also entered into with Hyundai in South Korea and Proton in Malaysia. In China, the Mitsubishi Lancer is built under licence.

Scandal and aftermath

Like many other car manufacturers, Mitsubishi also found that there had been fraudulent use of the cars’ fuel emission data. Investors feared massive claims and sold their shares. Both the profitability and the share price of Mitsubishi came under severe pressure.

Nissan bailed out the company by buying out 22.4% of the stocks. Nissan is currently the largest shareholder of Mitsubishi and therefore has quite some power within the company.

Mitsubishi in figures

Mitsubishi sells and manufactures more than 1 million cars annually, of which only 10% are sold in Japan. Most cars are produced in Japan from where they are exported by ship to the markets. Asia is the most important market.

In the results of Mitsubishi, it is important to keep an eye on the price of the Japanese yen. After all, as an investor, you want to know how much it will yield in your currency!

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