How can you buy Nintendo shares?

Everybody knows Nintendo. After all, the younger generation grew up with it! But did you know that you can also invest in Nintendo shares? On this page, you will learn everything you need to know before investing in Nintendo. You can also request the Nintendo’s current stock price here.

How to actively invest in Nintendo?

It can be interesting to actively trade in Nintendo shares. In the past, Nintendo shares have shown strong price movements. For example, when the Wii came out, the stock rose sharply. Also, upon the release of Pokémon Go there was a lot of movement in the stock. By actively trading Nintendo’s shares, you can respond to strong market movements.

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Where to buy Nintendo shares?

Do you want to buy Nintendo shares? You can directly trade in Nintendo stocks with one of these reliable brokers:

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Plus500 trade stocksSpeculate with CFD's on increasing & decreasing prices of Nintendo! 79% of retail CFD accounts lose money.
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What is Nintendo’s current stock price?

Are you looking for the latest Nintendo share price? You can view the current price of the CFD share Nintendo below. You can also open a position with the buy and sell buttons.

Is it wise to invest in Nintendo?

An investment in Nintendo shares can certainly work out well. The company has the advantage that the gaming systems are a lot simpler than those of competitors Microsoft and Sony. Nintendo is distinguished mainly by the unique gaming franchises that attract a wide audience. Even less avid gamers can easily play a game which makes the target group for the products broad.

This can be seen in the sales figures: Nintendo sold nearly 500 million games by 2020, representing nearly seven games per gamer. These games are increasingly being bought digitally which is a big advantage for the company. The profit margin on digital games is higher, as no boxes need to be shipped. This trend can therefore contribute to Nintendo’s profitability and be a good reason to buy the shares.

Besides this benefit of investing in Nintendo, it is also important to mention that gaming is a growth market: more and more people are discovering games and the lockdown has only increased the percentage of people interested in gaming. By smartly timing purchasing Nintendo shares around new releases, you can get a good return

What does Nintendo do?

In the year 1985 it was all or nothing for Nintendo with the introduction of the first gaming console. Sales started in New York and from there have conquered the entire United States and later the whole world. With the arrival of the Nintendo, the world has become a lot more beautiful.

People have fun and feel good playing Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros, or Pokémon. Many years later, Nintendo is still popular. They have continuously evolved over the years.

They started in 1889 with card games and are now inescapable. The power of Nintendo is that they keep listening to their customers, which is a good sign.

Investing in Nintendo

Share price development

With any investment in a share, the price is enormously important. After all, the price shows you how a company has done during the past period. At Nintendo, you can see that significant price increases are often related to the release of new game consoles.

Between 2006 and 2008, the share increased in value significantly. This was due to the release of the Wii and the Nintendo DS, both of which were immensely popular. In 2008, Nintendo’s share price fell because of the economic crisis. In 2016, the share price started to rise again due to the popularity of the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo course evolution

What can we conclude from the price development of Nintendo shares? Apparently, investments mainly reflect the success of the company’s technological innovations. This is not very surprising. After all, Nintendo is only profitable when enough game systems and games are sold.

Are you considering buying Nintendo shares? Then it is wise to analyse what the company is planning in the future. Are you confident that the new inventions and plans will contribute to the bottom line? Then you can consider buying a Nintendo share.

Great successes with Nintendo

In 1989, the Game Boy arrived on the market which was a huge success. The launch was chaotic because the demand was way higher than the supply.

Pokémon was introduced in 1996. It was a quiet introduction. It was not until much later, with the advent of Pocket Monsters, that this became Nintendo’s biggest success. The gross profit of Pokémon alone is a total of 30 billion euros; every year they make roughly 2 billion from this game.

In 2016, Pokémon Go also became a huge success. Chances are that they will come up with a new blockbuster in the future. Of course, then you want to have some Nintendo shares in your portfolio.

Why invest in Nintendo?

Naturally, before you start investing in Nintendo, you want to know why this is a wise move. Let us discuss why buying Nintendo stocks might be a wise move.

Lots of capital

Nintendo is a company that has a large capital. This is because the company has yearly recurring income which generates a lot of profit. The Japanese company’s high cash reserves provide security. After all, the money reserves can be used in the face of setbacks.

When something fails, there is enough money to pick up again. Their money can be used for new developments. They are particularly good at coming up with great games. Sufficient capital also means that they have sufficient resources to promote and develop new games.

Nintendo’s strong brands

Donkey Kong, Pokémon, Zelda, and Mario Bros are strong brands. They are not only used for games. There is a lot of merchandise and products that are made under their licence. Even people who do not play the games recognize Nintendo’s strong brands.

This is advantageous: people buy the games just for the name. This would allow Nintendo to rely on the release of games only.

The video game market is growing

More and more people are playing video games. Whoever thinks that only children play the games is wrong. More and more girls, women, and adult men are playing a game on a Nintendo game console. Gaming has become a growth market. A larger market means more potential for profit which may be a good reason to buy Nintendo shares.

What should you look out for when investing in Nintendo?

Before you buy shares in the company, it is wise to also consider the risks of investing in Nintendo.


Of course, there is also competition. A game console is an expensive product. Many people buy only one game console each generation. Nintendo must be innovative enough to beat Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony‘s PlayStation in the future.

Before considering an investment in Nintendo, it is a good idea to analyse the innovations of these companies. Do you believe Nintendo’s product has added value? Then you can consider investing in Nintendo shares.

Is it wise?

However, Nintendo has been around for a long time and has gained a strong position in the market for games consoles and video games. This makes it an attractive potential investment. Especially in combination with the strong brands and healthy cash position it is a good investment. An investment in a stock that has proven itself time and time again in the past.

Responding to hype

Hypes can have a big impact on the price of a stock like Nintendo. A good example of this was the hype surrounding the game Pokémon Go. This application was extremely popular in 2016. People in the real world could use their smartphones to search for Pokémon.

The results of this hype were clearly visible in the stock price. Within days, the price rose as much as 90%. If you had paid attention, you could have capitalized on this hype. Do you know a lot about games, and can you estimate the impact of a new game console? Then active trading in Nintendo shares might be for you!

Nintendo’s history

Nintendo’s history goes back quite a long way. Most people will only know Nintendo from the successful game console. Nevertheless, the company was active as early as 1889. The company was founded in Kyoto as a manufacturer for so-called handafuda cards. With these cards, you can play a Japanese game.

Nintendo has been active in the world of video games and gaming consoles only since the 1970s. Everyone knows names like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Pokémon. Who knows what other innovations Nintendo will bring to the fore…

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