Buying marijuana shares: how to invest in cannabis?

Investing in cannabis can be very profitable! In this article we discuss how you can buy shares in the weed market, and we introduce some of the best marijuana stocks to buy.

How can you invest in cannabis?

You can buy marijuana stocks with one of these reliable brokers:

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What do you want to know about investing in cannabis?

Why is investing in cannabis interesting?

In 2018, weed shares were hot & happening. Canada allowed cannabis to be legally produced & sold which many companies cleverly anticipated. However, this turned out to be a huge hype: the share prices of many cannabis-related stocks rose enormously and then collapsed again.

Before the legalization, several companies were already active in the cannabis market. Under the Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulation, companies could already legally produce weed for medical purposes. However, the new law also allowed these companies to sell cannabis directly for recreational use. For a company like Canopy Growth this development turned out to be positive: the turnover of the company has increased more than tenfold!

In all probability, there is still plenty of room for growth. The legal marijuana market is slowly eroding the market share of the underworld. In Canada alone, the cannabis market is worth between 5 and 7 billion Canadian dollars!

growth marijuana market

The cannabis market is expected to grow even more

Why was cannabis legalized?

The government decided to legalize cannabis to reduce crime. This would also make the supply more transparent, as the THC content would have to be written down on each product. It would also make it more difficult for minors to buy weed. Not all of these objectives have been achieved: because criminals are still offering marijuana for cheaper prices, there is still a large criminal circuit.

Why have marijuana stocks collapsed?

After the hype, cannabis stock prices have sometimes dropped as much as 90%. When the legalization had just been implemented, there was clearly a weed bubble. Many investors did not want to miss the boat because the turnover of companies increased so much.

This optimism proved to be ill-founded: legalization in other countries is taking longer than expected and illegal marijuana cultivation is a form of unfair competition. Criminals do not pay taxes and can therefore sell their cannabis more cheaply. The fact is that companies that sell cannabis legally have to keep up with the quality at all times.

For further growth, we must keep a close eye on developments in the United States. In 2012, for example, it was permitted to use cannabis recreationally in Colorado and Washington. In this way, of course, large, new markets will emerge from which weed companies will be able to benefit.

Nevertheless, the trend continues, which may be a good reason to invest in cannabis once more in the future. By 2020, New Zealand, Luxembourg and Mexico are likely to legalize cannabis cultivation. In Lebanon and Ghana, restrictions on growing hemp plants have already been reduced. Moreover, more and more American states are allowing the recreational use of weed.

Canopy Growth stock price

The cannabis market is still a real hype. Therefore, beware of making a large investment in Marijuana shares!

How big is the market?

An investment in cannabis can still be very interesting. More than 260 million people worldwide use cannabis every year and the market is worth a total of over USD 344 billion. As the marijuana industry becomes legal in more and more locations, weed companies can benefit from this. This can be seen in a still strong growth: in 2019 the worldwide turnover was $10.2 billion which will grow to $14.9 billion in 2020.

When investing in cannabis, it is wise to investigate which companies will benefit most from this enormous growth. Of course, you have the companies that produce and sell marijuana themselves. But it does not stop there: there are also drug manufacturers and biotechnology companies that develop medicines using cannabis. There are also countries that supply the equipment needed to grow hemp.

Investing in the marijuana market with an ETF

For many investors it is difficult to determine which marijuana shares they can best buy. With an ETF, you can invest in a basket of cannabis stocks in one go. This makes it possible to spread your risks and reduce the chance of losing a lot of money because of one company not performing well.

The most well-known cannabis ETF is the Medical Cannabis and Wellness UCITS ETF (CBDX) which tracks the Medical Cannabis and Wellness Equity Index. The cost index of the ETF is 0.8% which is costly for an ETF: due to the high expected growth of the market, an investment in this index can still be interesting.

The index tracks companies listed in America (82%) and Canada (14%). Examples of companies in the index are GW Pharmaceuticals, Growgeneration Corporation and Zyherba Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Do you want to buy this ETF? A good place to do this is DEGIRO: DEGIRO is a reliable broker where you can buy and sell ETF funds at low transaction costs. Use the button below to open an account with DEGIRO:

What are the most popular & best cannabis shares?

Do you want to know what the best marijuana share is for an investment? In that case, it is wise to do some solid research! Investigate, for example, whether the cannabis share fits well within your investment portfolio. In this part of the article we will discuss some well-known & popular cannabis stocks you can invest in.

Canopy Growth

Canopy Growth Corporation is the largest cannabis company in the world. A large party that has invested in the company is Constellation Brands which is a beverage producer. The company has a stake of over 38%. This has increased the value of the company to more than ten billion dollars.

The fact that the company also looks at investments outside Canada make Canopy Growth an interesting investment. For example, partnerships have been set up with local companies in Germany and Spain. In addition, the company is also active in Jamaica, Chile, Brazil, Australia and other countries. When the trend continues and more countries legalize weed, Canopy Growth will be ready to conquer these areas.


Aphria is also a major player in the cannabis market. The company has a large greenhouse to produce cannabis. This greenhouse is located near Ontario and is called Aphria One. With no less than 300,000 square metres, there is enough space to produce a large quantity of marijuana. A big advantage of the fact that the company grows weed within a greenhouse, is that this allows it to produce higher quality cannabis at lower costs.

The company develops new products and has also entered into partnerships with various universities. Aphria's focus is on both recreational and medical weed. The company could achieve a profitable result in 2018. When you consider that the sales market is likely to continue to rise, Aphria can be an interesting investment.

Aphria weed

Aurora Cannabis

Aurora Cannabis is the second largest cannabis company in the world after Canopy Growh. It has been possible to trade shares of the company on the stock exchange since October 2018. This Canadian producer of medical marijuana has various facilities for production. At the end of 2018 there will be no less than eight production facilities and the company does business with over 18 countries.

In total, the company can produce 500,000 kilos of weed per year. Although the company has a large capacity, it can not yet make a profit this year. As the legalization continues, this may change in the future! The company has also announced the acquisition of Medreleaf Corperation, which could bring in more profits in the future.

Aurora Cannabis

CARA Therapeutics

CARA Therapeutics is a company specializing in the fight against pain. Now that marijuana is accepted for medical purposes, the company can continue to grow. The company is developing CR845, a medicine that should work against extreme itching and pain.

The company is interesting enough to arouse the interest of several large companies. For example, Renal Pharma wants to take on the further distribution of the medicines. If the company does indeed break through with this non-addictive drug, the share price may rise sharply. Wall Street is therefore keeping a close eye on Cara Therapeutics.

The future prospects for the company are therefore good: worldwide there are 1,2 billion people who could benefit from the products developed by CARA Therapeutics. The company only needs a fraction of this group as costumers to make good profits.

cara therapeutics

Medicines CARA Therapeutics are working on

Cronos Group (CRON)

This is the first cannabis share listed on NASDAQ. Using collaborations and joint ventures, Cronos Group has been able to start up operations on five continents. The company makes various medical products, such as the Peace Naturals brand. The company also has products for recreational use, such as Cove and Spinach.

Altria, a tobacco company, took a stake in the company in 2018, bringing the valuation to $4.5 billion. Moments later, they acquired Redwood Holding, a company producing CBD products, in 2019. Cronos Group is also active in the development of vaporizers in Israel.

Although the company recorded a loss in 2019, its large cash position gives it ample opportunity to expand. This may make it attractive to invest in Coronos Group.

Other cannabis stocks you can invest in

  • Amyris
  • Arena Pharmaceuticals
  • Cara Therapeutics
  • Cronos
  • GW Pharmaceuticals
  • Innovative Industrial Properties
  • OrganiGram Holdings

On which stock exchange can you invest in weed shares?

Many of the most popular & well-known cannabis stocks can be found on the American Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange. You can also find many companies that are active with marijuana on the Canadian Toronto Stock Exchange. You can trade with almost any broker in shares listed on these exchanges.

There are also many smaller companies or penny stocks that can be traded. This often happens Over The Counter. When you buy a share in an up-and-coming weed company you can achieve a very high return with it. At the same time, the risks are also much higher as these types of start-up companies regularly fail.

What should you pay attention to when investing in cannabis shares?

If you want to achieve good results with investments in cannabis stocks, it is important to invest in a smart way. In this part of the article we look at what to consider when buying marijuana stocks.

Financial data

It is important to examine the company's financial data properly. Check whether the company is growing and whether it has sufficient growth potential. For investors who like to take limited risks, it is also advisable to pay attention to the stability of the company. For example, does the share price fluctuate sharply or does it move in predictable patterns?

You can also look at specific ratios to better understand how the company works. The Price to Earnings Ratio, shows at how many times the profit the share is traded. With the Debt to Equity Ratio you can examine how the debts are proportional to the company's capital.

Sometimes it is also wise to conduct research into management. Certainly, in smaller companies, management plays an important role. It is then a good sign when the management has a good vision of the future and sufficient experience in managing a company.

Finally, it is attractive for many investors to look at the dividend. Companies that share a large part of their profits with investors are particularly attractive.

invest in weed shares


Competition is important with regard to marijuana shares. The cannabis market is still new and companies are fighting for their market share. Therefore, investigate whether the company you want to invest in has a superior product or a better business strategy.

It is also important to remember that the marijuana market is a fairly new market. It still attracts many new players and some existing players are unlikely to survive. When the Internet was new, you also saw that share prices rose enormously and that the results of many companies lagged behind. It is not unlikely that this will also happen to cannabis stocks: in the end, a handful of large and strong companies will remain.

Size of the company

There are already a few weed companies that have built up a stable business position. If you are looking for stability, you can buy shares of a similarly stable company or invest in a cannabis ETF.

You don't mind taking bigger risks, and you want to have a chance of a higher return? Then it may be attractive to invest in smaller cannabis companies.

Shares of biotech companies

There are several biotech companies involved in the development of medicines based on cannabis. Please note that some biotech companies are also developing medicines that have nothing to do with cannabis. When a company gets permission from the FDA to sell a new drug, this can boost the stock price. Therefore, pay close attention to the research developments within the company.


The pharmaceutical company AbbVie has marketed a drug containing cannabis under the name Marinol. Marinol is used to help cancer patients reduce nausea after chemotherapy and for AIDS patients to improve appetite.

It is important to examine the other medicines that AbbVie launches. AbbVie is a large company that also manages many medicines that have nothing to do with marijuana. This allows you to reduce the risks of your cannabis investment.

GW Pharmaceuticals

GW Parhaceuticals has also marketed a medicine containing marijuana. The medicine Epidiolex can treat severe variants of epilepsy. After the drug was approved, the share price increased. The company also marketed nabiximols for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

Cara Therapeutics

Cara Therapeutics is another example of a biotech company involved in the development of a drug based on cannabis. They work on medicines that help relieve itching and chronic pain.

Axim Biotechnologies

Axim Biotechnologies is working on medicines that can treat dry eyes. They are also working on medicines that help stop addictions such as smoking. This share, too, has fallen sharply in value: at its peak in 2017 it was worth over 13 dollars, while the stock price has fallen to half a dollar in 2020.

Suppliers' shares

Following the legalization of the cannabis market, a great deal of new infrastructure will also have to be put in place. Think of the production of packaging materials, the opening of shops and the transport of cannabis. If the market continues to grow, it may be interesting to invest in companies involved in the supply of cannabis.

KushCo Holdings

This company provides packaging material for weed producers. They also allow other companies to put their logos on the material. With 12 branches spread across America and a sharply rising turnover, it is an interesting share to keep an eye on.

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company

Another cannabis company share you can buy is The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company. This company has supplied various garden supplies in the past and decided to also supply products for cannabis producers in 2016. This increased the market share of the already large company considerably. Please note that the company also produces and sells various other consumer products, such as lawn seed and pest control equipment.

GrowGeneration Corp

GrowGeneration Corp owns shops that sell products for growing hemp plants. The company is growing fast and can therefore be an interesting investment.

Business Services

A lot of money is needed to set up the new cannabis market. You can also invest in companies that provide the necessary capital for the weed market. In this section we look at some companies involved in the business services within the marijuana industry.

Innovative Industrial Properties

This is a company that owns industrial property used for the production of medical weed. These properties are located in California, New York and Arizona. The share doubled in value in 2019 which makes it an interesting stock for active speculation.

General Cannabis Corp

Another company active in the cannabis market is General Cannabis Corp. The company provides real estate, consulting and security services to companies active in the sector. They even sell clothing with cannabis on it for the enthusiast. This company, too, went over the top and gained a value of more than 20 dollars before dropping to 50 cents. This shows once again that there are many opportunities and risks associated with investing in weed!

In short: why can buying cannabis shares be smart?

  • Scarcity: there is great demand for marijuana. The demand is often higher than the supply, which enables companies who grow cannabis to achieve good results.
  • Legalization: the market is growing because more and more countries are legalizing weed.
  • Growth market: the legal marijuana market is still much smaller than the total market, which leaves a lot of room for further growth.

The influence of marijuana on alcohol & tobacco

In the future, housewives may be smoking a joint instead of drinking a glass of rosé. If it is up to the companies operating in the cannabis market, weed will become as normal as a glass of wine. Research has therefore shown that the sale of alcohol and tobacco can be affected by the growing weed market. However, there are also companies that are cleverly responding to the trend by introducing cannabis related products.

Heineken, for example, has marketed Hi-Fi Hops, which is bubble water with THC concentration. Also, Molson Coors Brewing Company & Constellation Brands introduced their cannabis drink. Do you think this could improve the profitability of these companies in the future? Then it might be smart to buy the shares!

invest cannabis shares

How to buy marijuana shares in 3 steps?

Are you a novice investor and don't yet know how to buy shares? In this short guide we will discuss how to buy your first cannabis stock within 3 steps.

Step 1: opening an account with a broker

In most cases, it is not very practical to walk to a company and physically buy shares there. Not at all when you consider that many weed companies are on another continent. Fortunately, you don't have to: you can easily buy cannabis shares from an online broker.

Would you like to know at which brokers you can invest in marijuana shares at favourable rates? Then take a look at our overview of best brokers:

Step 2: carry out sufficient research

It is important to investigate sufficiently whether the marijuana share you want to buy has good prospects for the future. Compare the company with the competition and verify if the company has a strong financial position.

Step 3: place a share order

After you have decided that you want to buy the cannabis stock, you can place an order. You have two types of orders that you can use:

  • Market order: this opens the position at the current price.
  • Limit order: with this you choose a price at which you buy the share.

After you have opened an investment, keep a close eye on the situation. Especially with weed stocks, prices can rise & fall quickly.

Frequently asked questions about cannabis stocks

In the last part of this article we answer frequently asked questions about buying & selling marijuana shares.

Can you buy shares of marijuana companies?

That is certainly possible! Well-known weed companies such as Aphria, Aurora Cannabis and Canopy Growth are listed on the stock exchange.

Why do many large cannabis companies come from Canada?

This is due to the flexible government policy for cannabis in Canada. Since 2001, it has been permitted to grow weed for medical use in Canada, and recently weed has also been permitted for recreational use. As a result, they are ahead of the US where it has only recently become possible to do business (in some states).

As a result, Canada is already fully prepared to trade marijuana as an export product. When more and more countries legalize weed, Canadian marijuana companies will be able to benefit considerably from this.

What are the expectations for the future?

In the long term, the cannabis market is likely to continue to grow. People around the world use a lot of marijuana and at the moment the product is mainly supplied via the criminal circuit. Cannabis is meanwhile being legalized in more and more countries, so companies can easily enter this market. There are still plenty of opportunities to profit from weed stocks. It is, however, important to keep a close eye on developments: since this is a new market, the price may suddenly fall sharply.

Try trading risk free?

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How to buy Tilray stocks (2024)? – invest in Tilray

How to buy Aurora Cannabis shares (2024)

Do you consider buying Aurora Cannabis shares? In this article, you will discover how to invest in Aurora Cannabis stocks. Additionally, you can find the latest stock price of Aurora Cannabis on this page.

Where can you buy Aurora Cannabis shares?

If you are considering an investment in marijuana, you can buy Aurora Cannabis shares through a reliable broker:

eToro buy stocksBuy Aurora Cannabis without commissions. Your capital is at risk. Other fees may apply.
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What is the current stock price of Aurora Cannabis?

Are you curious about the current stock price of Aurora Cannabis shares? The graph below shows the performance of Aurora Cannabis stock. You can also open a position directly by using one of the buttons.

Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply. For more information, visit

Aurora Cannabis Company Information

Below are the key company details of Aurora Cannabis.

Stock Prices for Aurora Cannabis for the Last 5 Days

The table below shows the stock prices of Aurora Cannabis for the last 5 days:

What makes an investment in Aurora Cannabis stocks interesting?

  • Leading position: Aurora Cannabis is one of the largest cannabis companies in the world, and the brand is recognized globally.
  • Global expansion: Aurora Cannabis tries to expand internationally by selling its products outside of Canada. The company has entered into strategic partnerships to facilitate international expansion.
  • Focus on medical cannabis and research: Aurora Cannabis invests in medical cannabis and has positioned itself as a leader in this segment.
  • Efficiency: Aurora Cannabis has invested in improving efficiency by making production more scalable and reducing costs.

What are the risks of investing in Aurora Cannabis shares?

  • Legal challenges: Changes in regulations can pose challenges. Although more countries allow cannabis, the rules can still be strict.
  • Competition: The market for legal cannabis is competitive. At the same time, there is still a significant amount of illegal supply, and these “operations” do not pay taxes.
  • Cash burn: Aurora Cannabis invests heavily, which results in significant cash burn.
  • Volatility: The cannabis industry market is relatively new and constantly evolves, which makes an investment in a company like Aurora Cannabis above-average risky.

How to invest in Aurora Cannabis shares?

  1. First, open an account with a reliable stockbroker
  2. Activate your investment account by uploading a copy of your passport and address
  3. Deposit sufficient funds into your investment account to buy Aurora Cannabis shares.
  4. Select the Aurora Cannabis stock and enter the amount you want to invest.
  5. Click on buy to invest directly in Aurora Cannabis shares.
  6. Take the time to regularly evaluate your investment and sell your shares when they no longer align with your goals.

What are the competitors of Aurora Cannabis?

About Aurora Cannabis

In North America, an increasing number of states allow the sale of cannabis, often for medicinal purposes. You can take advantage of this development by investing in marijuana stocks. One example of a company you can invest in is Aurora Cannabis.

Aurora Cannabis is a recognized producer of medical cannabis, with Canada being its primary market. Since the summer of 2018, the production and use of cannabis have been legal in Canada. This legalization of cannabis in Canada undoubtedly presents opportunities for Aurora Cannabis.

Investing in Aurora Cannabis

Is it wise to invest in cannabis?

Is it wise to invest in cannabis? Cannabis is legalized in an increasing number of countries, which means the prospects are promising. According to research, the market can grow enormously. By 2030, the revenue from legal cannabis cultivation could be worth $75 billion.

These are not unrealistic figures. In 2018, the illegal cannabis market had a turnover of approximately $50 billion compared to $6.7 billion in the legal market. By 2030, a revenue of $75 billion can be achieved if the total market grows by 3% over a period of 12 years. However, people need to transition from illegal sources to legal options.

The medical marijuana market is volatile

Investing in cannabis is not without risks. Many cannabis-producing companies have experienced growth as they increased their production to meet the demand for medical cannabis products. However, the price these companies receive for their cannabis can fluctuate. The stock prices of cannabis companies are also volatile. Therefore, stock prices can increase or decrease significantly.

As an investor, you can react to these fluctuations by actively investing in Aurora Cannabis stocks. By keeping an eye on the news, you can ride the waves of hysteria and panic.

Is it wise to buy Aurora Cannabis stocks?

An investment in Aurora Cannabis shares does not always yield positive results: from a peak of 150 Canadian dollars, the stock price has dropped to less than one Canadian dollar. As an active trader, you can take advantage of such significant declines by opening a short position. As an investor, you might wonder if it is still interesting to invest in Aurora Cannabis stocks.

The company’s performance was poor in 2019 and 2020 due to management spending money unwisely. In 2020, new management implemented necessary improvements, such as closing some smaller production facilities to benefit from economies of scale.

Even from a legal perspective, the future could be brighter for Aurora Cannabis: for example, the Canadian cannabis market becomes more open. The introduction of various new products such as cannabis beverages and vaping further increases the company’s opportunities.

However, an investment in Aurora Cannabis can turn out poorly: over a period of 6 years, the company has expanded its number of shares by 11,800% to raise more capital. Moreover, the company struggles to compete with the illegal market, as products on the black market are exempt from taxation. There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the future of Aurora Cannabis, so whether it is wise to buy the shares now remains questionable.

Should you buy Aurora Cannabis stocks?

Aurora Cannabis established a leading position in the cannabis market and has entered into various strategic partnerships to enable further expansion. The company’s focus is on medical cannabis, and it regularly explores new and improved production techniques.

At the same time, the company must constantly monitor legal developments. Cannabis is still (semi) illegal in many regions, and the company has to compete with similar illegal enterprises that do not adhere to regulations. Therefore, thoroughly study the company’s financial information before making an investment.

How to buy Tilray stocks (2024)? – invest in Tilray

The Canadian-based company Tilray (TLRY) was founded in 2013. This Canadian/American company produces cannabis and pharmaceuticals. Do you want to invest in Tilray by buying Tilray stocks? In this article, you will find a comprehensive analysis of the stock, and you can also examine the latest stock price!

Where can you buy Tilray stocks?

Do you have confidence in the future of Tilray? Do you think they will conquer more markets and that the stock will somewhat recover to the 2018 level? Then it may be attractive to buy Tilray shares! In the table below, you can see which reliable brokers you can use to buy Tilray stocks:

eToro buy stocksBuy Tilray without commissions. Your capital is at risk. Other fees may apply.
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DEGIRO buy sharesBenefit from low fees, an innovative platform & high security!
Avatrade buy sharesSpeculate on price increases and decreases of Tilray with a free demo!

What is the current stock price of Tilray?

Are you curious about the current stock price of Tilray? Understandable! In the graph below, you can see the current price of Tilray stock. You can also use the buttons to directly open a position on the stock.

Company data of Tilray

Below you can see the key company data of Tilray.

Analysis of Tilray stocks

Before deciding whether to buy or sell Tilray stocks, it is important to analyse the stock thoroughly. In the overview below, you can see how Tilray has performed over the past period.

Stock prices of Tilray over the last 5 days

In the table below, you can see the stock prices of Tilray over the last 5 days:

What does the Tilray stock price do in 2024?

Are you curious about what analysts think Tilray will do in 2024 and the following years? We have combined the forecasts of analysts using data from Alpha Vantage. Remember that this figure is just a prediction of Tilray’s price movements and this prediction does not have to come true.

What can make it interesting to buy Tilray stocks?

  • Growing cannabis market: The cannabis market is growing rapidly as more countries and regions legalize marijuana.
  • Strong brands: Tilray owns several well-known cannabis brands such as Tilray, Marley Natural, and Manitobo Harvest.
  • Strategic collaborations and acquisitions: Tilray has entered into collaborations with pharmaceutical companies such as Novartis to develop medical cannabis products.
  • Focus on R&D: Tilray invests heavily in developing new products based on science.

What are the risks of investing in Tilray shares?

  • Regulation: The cannabis industry is complex, and changes in compliance can drive costs up.
  • Volatility and competition: The cannabis industry is known for intense competition, which requires Tilray to constantly fight for its market share.
  • Government: Tilray is dependent on local governments and regulations. Delays in obtaining necessary licences can hinder the company’s business plans.
  • International expansion: Tilray can grow further by selling cannabis abroad, but whether this is possible depends on local governments.

What are Tilray’s biggest competitors?

How to buy Tilray stocks?

  • Click here to compare the best brokers first
  • Go through the activation steps to start investing
  • Select the Tilray stock and determine the amount you want to invest
  • Enter the amount & choose between a market order and a limit order
  • Then click on buy to directly buy Tilray shares

Milestones in the history of Tilray

The first milestone for Tilray was the approval of the company’s cannabis products by the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) system in 2016. Tilray was the first company authorized to produce cannabis in North America.

A second milestone for the company was its IPO: in July 2018, the company went public and was listed on the famous NASDAQ.

A third milestone was Tilray’s significant breakthrough in September 2018. Tilray became the first company to receive permission to export cannabis to the United States for clinical trials.

Signing a deal with Sander Pharmaceuticals in November 2018 was also a milestone for the company. After signing the deal, Tilray could trade its cannabis products worldwide. Do you think that legalization will continue and that it will become possible to buy cannabis products in more countries? Then it can be attractive to invest in Tilray stocks.

Tilray stock

Rising demand for cannabis shares in 2018

An increasing numberof states in North America have legalized cannabis for medical and recreational use. Medical use will be allowed in 38 out of 50 states in 2023. The legalization has caused the cannabis market to boom, and it has had an impact on stock prices in recent times. The ongoing legalization of cannabis gave a clear boost to the prices of North American cannabis stocks in 2018. Now that it is clear that legalization is not advancing equally everywhere, many stock prices have declined. However, the marijuana market is still enormous, and the potential is definitely there!

Do you think that further legalization will lead to an increase in stock prices? Then it can be interesting to buy Tilray stocks through a broker.

Tilray’s stock performance in 2018

In 2018, Tilray ranked second on a list of the best performing cannabis stocks. The company went public in July 2018, and its stock price increased by 380% within a few months.

However, these enormous increases turned out to be unrealistic. The stock price subsequently declined significantly from an evaluation of nearly $150 in 2018 to just a few dollars in 2023. It appears that beneath the hype, Tilray’s stock price was overvalued. Do you think that a favourable buying opportunity will arise in the future? Then it can be worthwhile to consider investing in Tilray stocks.

Active investors can also benefit from such massive fluctuations. By speculating on the price movements, you can speculate on both rising and falling prices.

Tilray operates in many countries

Tilray is expanding its operations further. The company can be found in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe, and Latin America.

  • Tilray was the first company authorized to legally export cannabis from North America to Australia and New Zealand. It has become one of the major suppliers of medical cannabis in these countries.
  • In Canada, Tilray was one of the first companies authorized to legally produce cannabis. Today, the company is the primary supplier of medical cannabis in Canada. Thanks to Tilray, tens of thousands of patients in Canada have access to cannabis.
  • Tilray was the first company to legally export cannabis from North America to Europe. The Portuguese government granted the company a cultivation licence. Cannabis grown in Portugal is intended for the European market, and it is now available in pharmacies in several European countries.
  • In Chile, Tilray imports, produces, and distributes cannabis. The company plans to distribute its cannabis throughout Latin America.

Is it wise to invest in Tilray stocks?

An investment in Tilray shares can certainly be interesting. The cannabis market as a whole is very appealing and has the potential for strong growth in the coming years. Especially as more U.S. states allow recreational cannabis use, companies like Tilray can significantly expand their market share. The company has also established a strong position in Europe through its facility in Portugal.

At the same time, laws are constantly adjusted and developed, which creates a lot of uncertainty about the future potential of Tilray. At the same time, illegal providers still pose strong competition for the Canadian company.

Therefore, if you are considering an investment, it’s important to remember that the cannabis market is still very young. There is a lot of uncertainty regarding the future of Tilray as a company. Buying shares in the company is not without risks, especially when you consider the significant price declines.

How to buy Aphria shares?

Weed or cannabis is quite a hype among investors. One example of a company that has benefited greatly from this trend is Aphria. The Canadian company produces, supplies and sells medical cannabis in Canada and other regions. The company has had an official licence since 2014, after which its stock price has gone up tenfold. Are you also confident about the future of the company? If so, buying Aphria stocks might be an interesting option. You can consult the current stock price of the company on this page.

Where can you buy Aphria shares?

Do you want to buy Aphria shares? You can directly trade in Aphria stocks with one of these reliable brokers:

eToro buy stocksBuy Aphria without commissions. Your capital is at risk. Other fees may apply.
Plus500 trade stocksSpeculate with CFD's on increasing & decreasing prices of Aphria! 82% of retail CFD accounts lose money.
DEGIRO buy sharesBenefit from low fees, an innovative platform & high security!
Avatrade buy sharesSpeculate on price increases and decreases of Aphria with a free demo!

How can you actively trade in Aphria?

Some people like to actively trade stocks. By trading actively, you benefit from a greater degree of flexibility. However, with this method of investing it is extra important to stay on top of the markets. Each news event can cause the price to rise or fall by one percent, and as a day trader, you naturally try to profit from this.

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What is Aphria’s current stock price?

Are you curious about the current price of Aphria shares? Below you can find the latest CFD price information about Aphria. You can also use the buy and sell buttons to trade Aphria’s CFD stock directly.

Is it wise to invest in Aphria?

Aphria is a relatively stable and safe cannabis company. In contrast to many competitors, Aphria has managed to achieve profitable results. During the corona pandemic, Aphria’s results were also negative, but compared to the competition, the damage was not too bad. If you are looking for an investment in a relatively stable cannabis company, Aphria could be an interesting option.

However, it is important to pay attention when you are going to invest in Aphria by buying its stocks. The company has announced that it will merge with Tilray. Tilray’s reputation is different: this company is a lot more aggressive and has not yet made a profit. Moreover, it is Tilray’s stockholders who will receive a premium in the merger.

Nevertheless, the merger of the two companies is not necessarily a bad development. The companies can share certain processes, which reduces costs and increases the efficiency of the production process. Moreover, Aphria will gain access to the lucrative American hemp market through Tilray. An investment in Aprhia, is therefore not necessarily unwise, but certainly risky.

About the company Aphria

Aphria is a licensed product of medicinal cannabis. The medicinal cannabis is grown entirely in greenhouses. The cannabis grows with sunlight creating the best natural growing conditions to produce safe medicinal cannabis products. It is possible to grow the plants under the best conditions in the greenhouse.

Aphria also goes beyond industry standards. They ensure that patients receive the best, the cleanest and the purest medicinal cannabis products available on the market. The patient comes first in the whole process of making the products.

Investing in Aphria

How did Aphria come about?

The company Aphria has existed since 2014, when it was founded by Cole Cacciavillani and John Cervini. In the beginning, the company was listed on the Toronto Venture Exchange. In 2017, the company received a more prestigious listing under the Toronto Stock Exchange.

2014 was an important year for Aphria. The company succeeded in obtaining a licence to trade cannabis. This licence was granted by Health Canada. In 2015, Aphria received its first major order and has since been able to increase production by investing in greenhouses.

Subsequently, the company has been working hard. Aphria investigated the possibilities of expanding into America. It also acquired Broken Coast and Nuuvera, companies that were already active in the cannabis sector. Do you think Aphria will continue to make impressive developments in the future? In that case, an investment in this cannabis producer can certainly be interesting!

Investing in Aphria

The Canadian company Aphria has received an investment of 100 million Canadian dollars from an institutional investor. The investor has bought 14 million shares of the company. The money will be used for international expansion and to obtain more working capital. Do you think Aphria knows how to use this capital effectively? In that case, it can be attractive to buy Aphria stocks online.

Changing laws in North America

In North America, we see that the rules and laws surrounding medicinal cannabis and also for home use are changing. Cannabis is becoming legal in more and more areas, and a company like Aphra is well-placed to take advantage of this development.

Of course, strict rules apply. The cannabis products must first be approved by the proper authorities. However, it does mean opportunities for Aphria, as the market becomes larger and more accessible.

A larger market means a potentially larger sales market. Do you think Aphria can capitalize on this market? In that case, you should definitely consider investing by buying shares.

Aphria as an indicator for the market

Aphria has become an important stock market barometer for the entire cannabis sector. However, sentiment around cannabis stocks is still very mixed. Aphria has made cuts and its stock price has fallen in response. Stockholders now seem to be taking a wait-and-see attitude and are keeping the shares in their portfolios.

Do you think the cutbacks will have a positive impact on Aphria’s business? By investing actively, you can constantly anticipate the latest developments. By doing so, you can make the right decision even in the event of bad news.

A strong player in the market

Aphria remains a strong player within the marijuana market. It is not necessarily the best or the biggest, but it is a strong player with a smart play. There are other stocks within the sector that can potentially offer higher returns. It is important to research these competitors carefully: some cannabis companies also take big risks.

Especially from a risk and reward perspective, the stock seems a very attractive one. The balance sheet is healthy and Aphria even has enough money to take over other companies.

However, it is wise to keep an eye on the competition. When other companies dominate the market too much, the share price may not do so well.

The competition

Aphria is not considered such a splashy stock as its competitors. Aurora has a large global network while Cronos, Tilray and Canopy have plenty of cash at their disposal.

However, Apria can be an interesting investment. The company managed to keep a good stock, which is a sign of a good company in this sector. It is therefore a stock that offers opportunities. Of course, it is good to keep a close eye on the market and the developments within the company itself. In any case, Aphria is certainly an option if you are considering an investment in cannabis.

How to buy GW Pharmaceuticals shares?

With the legalization of weed in large parts of North America, it has become a real growth market. GW Pharmaceuticals is one of the companies that benefit from this. With cannabidiol, they treat, among other things, tuberous sclerosis-related attacks. Do you want to invest in this promising company? Then quickly find out how to buy shares in GW Pharmaceuticals or take a look at the current price!

Where can you buy GW Pharmaceuticals stocks?

Do you want to buy GW Pharmaceuticals shares? You can directly trade in GW Pharmaceuticals stocks with one of these reliable brokers:

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How can you actively invest in GW Pharmaceuticals?

Shares with a lot of volatility can be interesting for active investors. This way you can take all the short trips up and down. The GW Pharmaceuticals share has strong movements and is therefore very suitable for active trading.

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What is the current stock price of GW Pharmaceuticals?

Would you like to know what the stock price of GW Pharmaceuticals is like? Then take a look at the current price of the CFD share of GW Pharmaceuticals below. You can also use the buttons to directly place a new order.

More about GW Pharmaceuticals

GW Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company active in the field of innovation, development, and commercialization of medicines. These are new medicines that are not yet on the market.

Their main product is a cannabinoid product under the name cannabidiol (CBD) and helps in the treatment of seizures related to tuberous sclerosis complex. GW Pharmaceuticals Plc was founded in 1998. Brian Whittle and Geoffrey William Guy are the founders.

The company is headquartered in the United Kingdom. They are the world leader in innovation for cannabinoid-based medicines. The company’s drugs work alongside the treatment of multiple sclerosis in some forms of epilepsy in children.

Investing in GW Pharmaceuticals

The history of GW Pharmaceuticals

The company was founded in 1998 and immediately received a cultivation licence to grow cannabis legally. This allowed them to immediately start research for the medicinal use of the plant. A year later the company started working together with HortaPharm bv.

GW Pharmaceuticals is a cannabis research and development company in Amsterdam. The company is allowed by the Dutch government to develop specialized cannabis strains. In 2001 GW Pharmaceuticals was listed on the AIM which is a junior market on the London Stock Exchange. In 2013 GW Pharmaceuticals was also listed on Nasdaq. It is, therefore, possible to buy shares of this company.

The products of GW Pharmaceuticals

The most important product at the moment is Sativex: a cannabis extract that is administered via a mouth spray. The drug was approved in 2010 and helps people with multiple sclerosis (MS). The drug helps to fight the pain. Also, the drug helps to improve spasticity and to relieve the bladder. In 2011, they set up a partnership with Bayer to distribute the drug. Annually they now make 100 tons of medicinal cannabis.

Developing new products

GW Pharmaceuticals is also actively developing new products. Epidiolex is a good example of this: it was launched on the market in 2019 and was an instant hit.

This new drug can be a great success and can be a good reason to buy shares of this company. GW Pharmaceuticals is very pleased with the launch of the drug which can make a big difference for its patients.

Marijuana, a new growth market?

The cannabis market is a clear growth market in North America and can increase tens of percent annually. The entire global market could grow to 340 billion.

This growth is due to the legalization of medical and private use. If you want to make a financial success of this, you have to invest in the right companies. GW Pharmaceuticals has been mentioned as a good candidate for strong growth thanks to developments.

In the case of GW Pharmaceuticals, however, it is important to be vigilant. The company is still very dependent on one specific drug. Therefore, keep a close eye on the competition before investing in GW Pharmaceuticals!

How to buy Canopy Growth shares?

Canopy Growth is one of the best-known companies in the weed industry. The company mainly focuses on the production of cannabis, but recently also started producing other products with weed in them. Are you looking for an interesting cannabis share to buy? Then investing in Canopy Growth can be interesting! On this page you can read everything you need to know before making an investment in the company. You can also consult the current stock price of Canopy Growth on this page.

Where can you buy Canopy Growth stocks?

Do you want to buy Canopy Growth shares? You can directly trade in Canopy Growth stocks with one of these reliable brokers:

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How can you actively invest in Canopy Growth?

A weed stock like Canopy Growth can be very volatile. This is because it is still a fairly new market, and we have no idea exactly how it will develop. The stock is certainly interesting: after all, there are many people around the world who regularly use weed. When Constellation Brand invested in the stock, it immediately jumped up 38%. As an active trader, you can benefit from this kind of strong fluctuations. But how do you do it?

A good party to actively trade in a share like Canopy Growth is Plus500. Plus500 allows you to actively take positions in the market with CFDs. With a CFD, you are betting on the price difference of the CFD stock. This means that you can take positions on both a falling and rising prices. Would you like to start trading CFD Canopy Growth stocks actively? Use the button below to open a free demo account straight away:

What is the current stock price of Canopy Growth?

Are you curious about the current price of Canopy Growth shares? In the table below you can consult the CFD price of Canopy Growth directly. You can also start trading the share directly with the buttons.

Is it wise to invest in Canopy Growth?

At the time of writing, cannabis is not only more topical, it is also trendier than ever. More and more studies are revealing the incredible medical benefits that regular use of cannabis can bring. Although Canopy Growth is one of the largest companies and stocks in the cannabis market, competition is growing steadily. This is especially the case in the company’s main market, namely Canada and the United States.

Although it seems that there is still an enormous potential hidden in Canopy Growth, everything depends of course on the extent to which the use of cannabis will or will not be (fully) legalized. Do you think the legalization will continue worldwide? In that case, Canopy Growth’s market will only increase, which will be good for the company’s profitability and automatically also for the company’s share prices.

A good reason to buy Canopy Growth stocks is the favourable developments the company is going through. For example, the company is in the process of setting up a good sales structure for the US market: in this way, the company’s profitability can, of course, continue to increase.

However, it is important to monitor the company’s profitability. The substantial investments that the company has made to build up a stronger position have ensured that the company is still loss-making. As the cannabis market is new, it is still very uncertain whether the company will be able to build a stronger position in the future. An investment in Canopy Growth is therefore certainly not without risk.

How to buy Canopy Growth stocks?

For new investors it can sometimes be difficult to understand how to buy Canopy Growth shares. Since Canopy Growth is a Canadian company, you can often easily trade the shares with an online broker. However, it is important to take two things into account:

  • The exchange rate of the Canadian dollar against the currency you invest in yourself
  • Transaction costs for buying and selling Canadian shares

If you do not invest in Canadian dollars yourself, fluctuations in the exchange rate can strongly influence your investment results. When your currency becomes worth less, you can even lose money with a rising Canopy Growth stock price.

You also have to be careful with the transaction costs on Canadian stocks. Many brokers charge higher transaction costs when you invest abroad. Would you like to know at which brokers you can invest most advantageously in Canadian stocks? Then take a look at our article about investing in Canadian stocks:

Opening an investment position on Canopy Growth stocks actually works the same for every broker. You first have to select the share within the software. After you have found the share, you can buy the stocks directly with a market order. Of course you can also choose to use a limit order: with a limit order you only open the investment when a certain price is reached.

About Canopy Growth

The Canadian Canopy Growth Corporation is mainly engaged in the production of cannabis. It is mainly because of this activity that the Canopy Growth share has become so well known. Thanks to the investment of Constellation Brands, the company will also become involved in the competition for “cannabis infused drinks”.

The capital that the company has received from Constellation Brands has ensured that the company has built up a solid financial position. Would you like to discover how you too can invest in the Canopy Growth stock? Then it’s wise to investigate the company’s plans for the future!

canopy growth

One of the leading cannabis producers

Canopy Growth has dared to manifest itself within an often contested market. Up to the time of writing, the legalization of cannabis is still in its infancy despite its many medical benefits. Canopy Growth’s home market is Canada, a country which is clearly opening up more and more to the legalization of cannabis.

Canopy Growth’s activities mainly consist of the production and distribution of cannabis. However, that is not all: the considerable capital it has been able to raise from Constellation Brands’ investment has in fact opened up a new target market. Thus, in the years to come, the company would also like to become increasingly involved in the fight to produce ‘cannabis infused drinks’. If this is successful, it could add value to the market position of the Canopy Growth Corporation.

Do you think these drinks can contribute to the future growth of Canopy Growth? Then buying Canopy Growth shares is definitely advisable!

History of the Canopy Growth Corporation

The Canopy Growth Corporation was initially founded in the year 2013 as ‘Tweed Marijuana Inc.’ by Bruce Linton and Chuck Rifici. It obtained its current name in the year 2015 after a merger with Bedrocan Canada. This merger also put Mark Zekulin at the helm of the company.

The company reached an important milestone in August of the year 2018. It was then that Constellation Brands, a US producer of beer, wine and spirits, announced that they would make an investment in Canopy Growth worth 5 billion Canadian dollars. As a result, the investor became 38 percent owner of the Canadian company.

The additional financial resources obtained from the above agreement will enable Canopy Growth to pursue its international expansion. Particularly in the United States, the company intends to significantly increase its market share. The (future) production of potable cannabis products should also provide additional income for the Canadian cannabis producer over time.

Do you think Canopy Growth will be able to sell more products abroad in the future? In that case, it might be interesting to invest in Canopy Growth shares.

Extra accessible products with cannabis

Canopy Growth’s main aim is to create accessible products based on cannabis. This was already apparent from the agreement with Constellation Brands, of course, but there is more. In November 2019, the company announced that it would be marketing not only soft drinks, but also chocolate injected with THC and CBD. In this way, (medicinal) cannabis should reach a large target group in an accessible way in one fell swoop.

Do you think these new products will give the company a stronger market position? In that case, investing in Canopy Growth could certainly be interesting!

weed investment


Canopy Growth is developing an international strategy. The company would like to expand into new regions in which local legislation naturally plays a more important role. Now that weed is becoming more and more legalized, there are unprecedented opportunities. Buying cannabis shares can therefore prove to be a very interesting investment.

How to buy Cronos Group shares?

The innovative company Cronos Group focuses on the production and distribution of cannabis across five continents. The company promotes cannabis research, technology, and product development. The company’s mission is to improve people’s lives. They want to achieve this by exploiting the full potential of cannabis. Do you also believe in this vision? Then it may be attractive to invest in Cronos Group by buying the stocks.

Where can you buy Cronos Group shares?

Do you want to buy Cronos Group shares? You can directly trade in Cronos Group stocks with one of these reliable brokers:

eToro buy stocksBuy Cronos Group without commissions. Your capital is at risk. Other fees may apply.
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How can you actively invest in Cronos Group?

Investing actively in Cronos Group shares can be very attractive. Cronos stocks can be very volatile. This is due to the fact that it is a relatively new market, which means that investors do not yet know how to value the companies. A good party to actively invest in CFD Cronos Group shares is Plus500. Use the button below to create a free demo account right away:

What is the current stock price of Cronos Group?

Are you curious about the current price of the Cronos Group share? In the graph below you can see how the CFD price of Cronos Group has developed. You can also open a new position directly by using the buttons.

Is it wise to invest in Cronos Group?

Cronos Group shares are still quite new. Because of this, you see that the prices of companies active in the cannabis market fluctuate strongly. Shares of a company such as Cronos Group can drop or rise dozens of percents in a year. By cleverly responding to this, you can achieve high price gains. However, it is important to actively monitor price developments.

Cronos Group is a relatively safe marijuana investment because of the stable financial position of the company. They have withheld a lot of money and are not too aggressive in buying other companies. Moreover, they work together with tobacco producer Altria Group, which makes it easier to attract additional capital. Major challenges such as the corona pandemic are therefore not insurmountable problems for the company.

The company sells both medicinal cannabis under the Peace Natural Brands brand and recreational weed under the Cove and Spinach brands. This allows them to respond well to the increased legalization of these products. Still, not everything works out well for Cronos Group: they enthusiastically started working with Altria to develop vapers. However, these products turned out to be bad for the health and since then, the demand for these products has decreased significantly.

Before investing in Cronos Group shares, it is therefore advisable to thoroughly investigate how the company’s products are performing. By analysing the companies position, you can determine if Cronos Group is the most interesting marijuana stock to invest in.

The brands of the Cronos Group

The Cronos Group is working on a portfolio with several brands. These brands meet or exceed the needs and expectations of their customers.

  • The Peace Naturals brand focuses on building and shaping the market for medicinal cannabis. A whole new approach to health is being promoted. Cannabis can be used alongside diet and lifestyle as a supportive therapy.
  • Cannabis from the brand Cove belongs to the best cannabis in the world. Only the best flowers of each harvest are used. The cannabis buds are picked by hand.
  • Spinach focuses on producing the darkest spinach in the world.
  • Lord Jones is a CBD oil with versatile applications. This CBD oil contains no flavours, colours, or additives. Because the CBD oil contains no flavor, the original aroma of CBD oil is preserved.
  • Peace+ is a full spectrum infusion of hemp. This infusion contains all kinds of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Cronos Group is an investment company

Most of the companies that focus on weed focus on producing weed. Cronos Group is smarter and actually invests in other Canadian companies that produce medicinal marijuana. Cronos Group is the owner of the companies Peace Naturals and Original BC. It also owns 21.5% of the Whistler Medical Marijuana Company. These three companies produce medicinal cannabis. Peace Natural also produces cannabis oil.

cronos group

Increasing demand for medicinal cannabis

The Cronos Group can benefit from the growing demand for medicinal marijuana in Canada. In 2017, the number of registered customers of the medicinal cannabis system in Canada grew by 10% per month. Do you think this trend will continue? Then it can be very attractive to invest in weed stocks such as Cronos Group.

Risks for the company

Cronos Group also runs several risks. For example, it is likely to become increasingly easier for companies to obtain a licence to produce medicinal cannabis. More competition means higher marketing costs and lower margins.

Do you believe these risks make an investment in Cronos Group too risky? Then it may be smarter to actively invest in the stock. You can also profit from falling prices.


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