How can you buy Ericsson’s shares?

Ericsson’s is a well-known Swedish company that builds mobile networks: They have recently done so for KPN. Do you want to invest in Ericsson’s by buying their shares? In this article we look at how best to invest in Ericsson’s & you can also find the current stock price here.

How to actively invest in Ericsson’s?

Ericsson’s share price can fluctuate sharply: when the company brings in a new contract, the company’s share price could rise sharply. Of course, competitors also compete for contracts: Therefore, it is advisable to keep a close eye on the competition.

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How to buy Ericsson’s stocks?

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What is Ericsson’s stock price?

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About Ericsson’s, the company

Today, the Swedish company Ericsson’s telecommunications equipment manufactures equipment. In the 1990s, the company was best known as a manufacturer of mobile phones. At the time, with a market share of more than 30%, the company was among the leaders in the mobile phone market. The company’s headquarters are in Stockholm.

Buy Ericsson shares

History of the company

Lars Magnus Ericssons founded the company in 1876 as a shop for the repair of telegraph equipment. An order in 1878 to repair some Bell phones inspired him to buy and study some Siemens phones. In 1879, Ericsson’s first phones appeared on the market.

When Hendrik Tore Cedergren opened an independent telephone network in 1883, Ericsson’s was commissioned to supply the equipment for that network. In 1884, the first manual telephone exchange with a multiple switchboard appeared on the market. Ericsson’s gained a dominant position in the market of manual telephone exchanges in the 20th century.

In 1987, Ericsson’s first mobile phone, the Hot Pocketline, appeared on the market. Ericsson’s became one of the largest producers of mobile phones. The company suffered major losses in the late 1990s. The loss-making division of mobile handsets became a joint venture with Sony called Sony-Ericssons. Ericsson’s core business is the development and roll-out of mobile networks.

Ericsson’s goes public

In 1928, the company began issuing A and B shares. The A-shares were equal to 1000 A shares in terms of voting ratio. By issuing many B-shares in 1928, the company made a lot of money. Today, Ericsson’s shares are listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and on the U.S. Nasdaq.

KPN allows Ericsson’s core network to be renewed

KPN decided in October 2020 to renew its core mobile network, where all traffic flows meet. According to KPN, this innovation will improve the quality of the 5G network. That innovation is done with equipment from Swedish company Ericsson’s. For its safety, KPN wants to have the core of its network renewed by a Western company. The Chinese company Huawei, which was excluded by KPN in 2019 to renew the core of the network, has built other parts of KPN’s network.


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