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make money tradingDo you want to start trading or are you already a professional trader? Either way, you’re in the right place! Within this knowledgebase you will find interesting, fun and useful articles about trading.

Three steps to success

Trading is great! Look at it as a game that can make you incredibly rich. Millions of people try to predict the price of securities and influence this price as well. When it comes to trading psychology, the news and technical analysis are all important factors. As a novice trader you can get good results by using a well-balanced strategy that takes all the risks into account.

In our CFD category you can read a lot more about this new way of trading, which you can use to trade commodities, Forex, index funds and stocks with a broker. Our extensive list of brokers allows you to compare the best brokers and get started right away!

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Investing for dummies

Read moreMany people will be familiar with the book investing for dummies; you can see this article as the ultimate short guide for dummies. We try to teach you in as few words as possible about the interesting investment opportunities available to beginners. Investing for dummies:… Read more..

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What is investing?

Read moreWhat is investing? Investing is buying something with the expectation that it will be worth more later on. This could be, for example, a share in a company. However, there are many more possibilities and forms of investing than you would initially think. What is the purpose… Read more..

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